Konferencja: XXXVI-th IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium Wilga 2015

2015-05-24 Sunday
10:00The meeting of the Organizing CommitteeMaciej Linczuk
11:00Wilga regular session - dr Maciej Linczuk
13:30Lunch break
14:30Introduction to the WILGA 2015 SymposiumRyszard Romaniuk
15:00Technical and medical diagnostics systems - prof. Andrzej Kotyra
15:00Application of curvelet transform for denoising CT imagesTomasz Ławicki
15:15Tissue electrical properties measured by bioelectrical impedance anlysis among healthy and sportsmen population.Dominik Kapica
15:30Preprocessing of CT images in diagnosing of osteoporosisPaweł Prokop
15:45Human ECG signal parameters estimation during controlled physical activity.Marcin Maciejewski
16:00Optimal Control of Melting and Charging of Copper ConcentratesPiotr Popiel
16:15Analog linearization of transfer function of resistive temperature transducers Oksana Boyko
16:30Diagnostics of combustion process based on flame images analysis and genetic programmingJacek Tanaś
16:45Limitations to inverse problem based estimation of DGD in an optical fiber due to the use of the linear propagation modelZbigniew Lach
17:00Improvement of FBG peak wavelength demodulation using digital signal processing algorithmsDamian Harasim
18:00Dinner break
19:00Wilga regular session - dr Maciej Linczuk
19:15Monitoring combustion process with the vision diagnostic systemDaniel Sawicki
21:00Social events & grill
2015-05-25 Monday
09:00Wilga morning session part 1
09:15Statistical distribution without analog to digital conversionDaniel Kowalski
09:30Image-based specular component estimation using structured light illuminationJakub Krzesłowski
10:30Coffee break
10:45Carbon Nanomaterials - prof. Elżbieta Czerwosz
10:45Comparison of electric energy generation in microbial fuel cells (MFC) with different anode materials by Proteus mirabilisO27Małgorzata Pasińska
11:00C-Ni/Ti films deposited on Si (100)Radoslaw Belka
11:15Field emission from CNT films deposited on porous SiIzabela Stępińska
11:30Influence of substrate type on structure of c-pd thin filmsEwa Kowalska
11:45C-Pd films for optical sensingJoanna Rymarczyk
12:00Influence of above normative conditions on titanium electrodes intended for gases sensors and emittersPiotr Firek
12:15RTG structural studies of Pd2Si nanorodsRyszard Diduszko
12:30Research on the use of nanocomposite carbonaceous–palladium sensor of gas for investigation on the production of gaseous mixtureSławomir Krawczyk
13:00Influence of plasma-spraying deposition process on optical properties of hydroxyapatiteSzymon Kowalski
13:15Lunch break
14:00Positivity and stability of time-varying discrete-time and continuous-time linear systems and electrical circuitsprof. Tadeusz Kaczorek
14:30Doped Optical Fibre - prof. Dominik Dorosz
14:30Broadband emission at NIR in double-clad optical fiber doped with Nd3+ and Yb3+ ions K. Bykowski
14:45Multimode tapered optical light pipe for illumination systemsP. Romańczuk
15:00Heavy metal oxide glass and glass-ceramics doped with Er3+ ionsT. Ragiń
15:30Optical fiber sensor with light sensitive layerA. Baranowska
16:00Investigation of luminescent properties of LaF3:Nd3+ nanoparticlesM. Wyrwas
16:15Coffee break
16:30Optoelectronic Devices - part 1 - dr hab. Michał Borecki
16:30Local liquid sample heating - integration and isolation of micro heaterMateusz Gęca
16:45Software detection of characteristics data of optical signals received in multi-parametric capillary sensorsPrzemysław Prus
17:00Antibacterial properties of graphene oxide film deposited on selected orthopaedic implantsMichał Borecki
17:15Reliability test of ultrasonic and thermosonic wire bondsTomasz Lizak
17:304H-SiC Photodiode Model for DC SPICE Circuit SimulationKrzysztof Muzyka
17:45Multiwavelength transceiver in photonic integration technologyM. Lelit
18:00Dysprosium-doped low-phonon glasses for applications in MIR light sourcesR. Krysiński
18:15Short-wavelength luminescence in Dy3+ doped nanopowders"A. Żyniewicz
18:30Dinner break
19:00Tool deflection in the milling of titanium alloy - case studyWojciech Zębala
19:00Analysis of deformations of thin-wall parts in machiningŁukasz Ślusarczyk
19:00Thermal analysis and luminescence properties of phospho-tellurite glass and glass-ceramic doped with NdF3 Kamil Iwanowicz
19:00Optoelectronic set for measuring spectral skin reflectionŁukasz Gryko
19:00The influence of tool inclination angle on the free form surface roughness after hard millingAndrzej Matras
19:00Nonlinear Properties and S-matrix Description of a Mach-Zehnder ModulatorKrzysztof Madziar
19:00Optimization of relative sensitivity in microstructures optical fibers sensorsKarol Czajkowski
19:00Luminescent properties of lamps with nanostructural carbon field emission cathodesJerzy Kalenik
19:00Fotometric measurement system for long term LED parametersŁukasz Budzyński
19:00Automatic actinometric stationAgnieszka Litwiniuk
19:00Measurement system for determination of current-voltage characteristics of PV modules.Aleksander Sawicki
19:00Structure of CNT thin films for cold cathode emittersM.Kozłowski
19:00The construction field emitter cathode for light sourcesT.Wódka
19:00The possibility of achieving fiberscope effect in disorder opical fiber bundleEwa Szczesik
19:00Optical Studies of cold cathode lightingKrzysztof Biernacki
19:30Photovoltaic Session - dr Wojciech Walendziuk
19:30Monitoring and control system of charging batteries connected to a photovoltaic panelKatarzyna Leoniuk
20:00Analysis of temperature impact on a photovoltaic panel performanceWojciech Borawski
20:15Estimation of the object orientation and location with the use of MEMS sensorsAleksander Sawicki
20:30A laboratory stand for research concerning drive units applied in unmanned flying micro vehiclesDaniel Ołdziej
21:00Social events & grill
22:00Optoelectronic Devices - part 2 - dr hab. Michał Borecki
22:00Fiber-optic power combiner for applications in fiber lasersP. Bortnowski
22:15Nonlinear phenomena in the constant electric field of insulation pressboard.Przemysław Rogalski
22:30Phenomena of non-coil inductance in diamagnetic metal-dielectric nanocomposites Cux(SiO2)(100-x)Karolina Czarnacka
22:45Electric properties of nanostructure (FeCoZr)x(CaF2)100-x produced in argon Ar atmosphere Vitalii Bondariev
23:00The study of ac conductivity of (CoFeZr)x(PZT)(100-x) nanocomposites produced in vacuum chamberOleksandr Boiko
2015-05-26 Tuesday
08:30Optical Communications, part 1 - prof. J.Siuzdak
08:30Modulation selection for Visible Light Communications using lighting LEDsJerzy Siuzdak
08:45Cost-effective tunable 1310nm DWDM transmitterJarosław Turkiewicz
09:00Influence of reverse polarization in a receiver on capabilities of LED-LED VLC transmissionMarcin Kowalczyk
09:15Distributed temperature sensing measurement based on spontaneous Raman scattering in frequency domainRobert Cybulski
09:30Experimental verification of distributed temperature sensor model based on spontaneous Raman scatteringRobert Cybulski
09:45High order modulation of 850nm VCSELsJarosław Turkiewicz
10:00Coffee break
10:15Optical Communications, part 2 - prof. J.Siuzdak
10:15On the architecture and performance of the 1310 nm Raman amplifierJarosław Turkiewicz
10:30Finding the best equalizer structure for carrierless amplitude-phase modulation using minimax criteriaGrzegorz Stepniak
10:45Simultaneous transmission of the IEEE 802.11 radio signal and optical Gbit Ethernet over the multimode fiber link Lukasz Maksymiuk
11:00Impact of transmission parameters on Nyquist WDM systemAgnieszka Kowalczyk
11:15A system for Ethernet signal transmission via VLC lighting LED linkPiotr Zwierko
11:30N-API - a new tool for a Data Center resource monitoringGrzegorz Wilczewski
11:45An objective method for a video quality evaluation in a 3DTV serviceGrzegorz Wilczewski
12:00Coffee break
12:15 Digital Media - prof. Władysław Skarbek
12:15Simplifications in the inter prediction algorithms in the H.265/HEVC encoderMaciej Trochimiuk
12:30Performance evaluation of the Intra compression in the video coding standardsAndrzej Abramowski
12:45Detection of characteristic eye points in non-ideal light conditionsJoanna Wiśniewska
13:00Adaptive macroblock-level QP value estimation algorithm in video codingMichał Wieczorek
13:15Real-time RGBD Slam SystemAdam Strupczewski
13:30Lunch break
14:00Printed Electronics Session - prof. Małgorzata Jakubowska
14:00From Printed Electronics to the Internet of ThingsMałgorzata Jakubowska
14:15Electrical joint resistance comparison for different method of die attachJerzy Szałapak
14:30Additive manufacturing in electronics and biomedicineMarcin Sloma
14:45Deposition of silver layer on different substratesJakub Krzemiński
15:00Thermal properties of screen printed polymer composites based on graphene flakesDaniel Janczak
15:15Large area, transparent and flexible electrodesGrzegorz Wróblewski
15:30Stabilization of glucose-oxidase in the graphene paste for screen-printed glucose biosensorAndrzej Pepłowski
15:45The Influence of graphene screen printing pastes composition on their viscosityŁucja Dybowska-Sarapuk
16:00Coffee break
16:15Pi of the Sky Session - prof. Lech Mankiewicz
16:15Status of the Pi of the Sky telescopes in Spain and Chile.Ariel Majcher
16:30Comparison of the period detection algorithms based on Pi of the Sky data.Rafal Opiela
16:45Searching the short-period variable stars with the photometric algorithm implemented in Luiza FrameworkŁukasz Obara
17:00Prospects for satellite and space debries observations with Pi of the SkyArkadiusz Ćwiek
17:15New data acquisition and analysis framework for the Pi of the Sky experiment based on distributed data processingKrzysztof Nawrocki
17:30Star formation history of early-type galaxiesMalgorzata Siudek
17:45Pi of the Sky preparations for LSC-Virgo's Electromagnetic Follow-up projectAdam Zadrożny
18:30Dinner break
19:00Calculation algorithm for determination of dose versus LET using recombination methodMagdalena Dobrzyńska
19:15Circuit modeling and simulation - prof. Leszek Opalski
19:15Nonlinear dynamic macromodelling techniques for audio systemsPiotr Bieńkowski
19:30Frequency and time domain modeling of high speed amplifiersKatarzyna Opalska
19:45A structured small-signal model of wideband amplifiersLeszek Opalski
20:00Quality limits of adaptive feedback measurement systemsLeszek Opalski
20:15Social events & grill
21:00Wilga evening session
21:00Use of absorption spectroscopy for determination of selected blood spectral characteristics Daria Milewska
21:15Integrated optoelectronic system for hematocrit measurementsMarzena Pluta
21:30Video markers tracking methods for bike fittingPiotr Rajkiewicz
21:45Simple optical method for recognizing physical parameters of graphene nanoplatelets materialsZofia Lorenc
22:00Three-beam interferogram analysis method for surface flatness testing of glass plates and wedgesZofia Sunderland
2015-05-27 Wednesday
08:45CMS Session -prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
08:45PAC trigger statusMałgorzata Kazana
09:00The new muon trigger of the CMS experimentMarcin Konecki
09:15OMTF firmware overviewAdrian Byszuk
09:30FPGA based Overlap Muon Trigger implementationWojciech Zabołotny
09:45Diagnostic of OMTF system software modelPaweł Drabik
10:00The CMS Particle Flow AlgorithmMichał Olszewski
10:15L1 Trigger software for the upgraded muon triggerKrystian Zawistowski
10:30Ghost Buster Implementation for OMTFAleksander Skała
10:45Coffee break
11:00CBM Session - dr Wojciech Zabołotny
11:00The GBT based readout concept for the Silicon Tracking System of the CBM experimentJörg Lehnert
11:15The prototype readout chain for CBM using the AFCK board and its software componentsPierre-Alain Loizeau
11:30Implementation of GBT-FPGA on DPB boardAdrian Byszuk
11:45Internal monitoring of GBTx emulator using IPbus for CBM experimentSwagata Mandal
12:00Time and clock synchronization with AFCK board for CBMMarek Gumiński
12:15Laser system for testing radiation imaging detector circuitsWeronika Zubrzycka
12:30Noise considerations for the front-end electronics designKrzysztof Kasiński
12:45Versatile method to increase speed of external control with scatter-gather method in peripheral deviceIevgenii Drozdov
13:00Improvement of FPGA control via high speed, but high latency interfacesWojciech Zabołotny
13:15Test results of energy measurement sub-system in STS-XYTER ASICPiotr Otfinowski
13:30Design of fast system for X-ray imaging based on hybrid pixel detectorKrzysztof Kasiński
13:45Lunch break
14:15High Energy Physics session part 1 - prof. Adam Kisiel
14:15The Prototype Readout Electronics for ALICE Inner Tracking System at CERN LHCKrzysztof Sielewicz
14:30Advanced image reconstruction and visualization algorithms for CERN ALICE high energy physics experimentJulian Myrcha
14:45LHCb upgrade - fibre mat testingMichał Dziewiecki
15:00Study of Flash-ADC based data acquisition scheme for the nuPrism detectorMarcin Ziembicki
15:30Hadware for Neutron-Gamma DetectorsStefan Korolczuk
16:00Coffee break
16:15High Energy Physics session part 2 - prof. Adam Kisiel
16:15NICA Accelerator complex in Dubna - new research perspectivesJan Pluta
16:30How to measure the size of Quark-Gluon Plasma? And why is it important?Adam Kisiel
16:45Beam Energy Scan programme at RHICHanna Zbroszczyk
17:00Heavy Flavor Tracker silicon detector in STARDaniel Kikoła
17:15Employing capabilities of modern GPU in hydrodynamic model calculationsPatryk Marcinkowski
17:30Femtoscopy measurements in collisions of small systemsŁukasz Graczykowski
17:45Influence of quantum conservation laws on particle production in hadron collisionsMałgorzata Janik
18:30Dinner break
19:15IEEE Student Branch WUT, Recent developments in the field of Photonics, part 1 - dr hab. inż. Jarosław Piotr Turkiewicz
19:15Low Power Laser Driver Design in 28 nm CMOS for on-Chip and Chip-to-Chip Optical InterconnectGuido Belfiore
19:30Adaptive Optical Interconnects – The ADDAPT ProjectRonny Henker
19:45Does restorer need a scanner? Optical methods in canvas painting diagnosticKatarzyna Górecka
20:00Extremely large mode area fibers with ability to higher order modes filtrationLukasz Ostrowski
20:15Fiber Bragg gratings in novel microstructured fibers dedicated to longitudinal strain sensingTadeusz Tenderenda
20:30Multicore fibre based components for future high capacity networksŁukasz Szostkiewicz
20:45Social events & grill
22:00IEEE Student Branch WUT, Recent developments in the field of Photonics, part 2 - dr hab. inż. Kazimierz Jędrzejewski
22:00New concept of using interferometer sensors in security systemsMateusz Karol
22:15Optical fiber flow meter for application at elevated temperaturesTomasz Stańczyk
22:30Surface scanning using laser triangulation methodPaweł Wójcicki
22:45Temperature and deformation measurement on public usage objects by using FBG sensorsPaweł Wójcicki
23:00The use of fiber optic sensors in composite structures for applications in the field of security systemsPiotr Markowski
23:30Big Data analytics with Hadoop: the Smart Elephant is in the roomJoanna Konopko
2015-05-28 Thursday
08:45Hot Plasma Diagnostic - part 1 - prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
08:45Soft x-ray diagnostics design for W7-X by IPPLMMonika Kubkowska
09:00Study of plasma impurity content aimed at ICRH optimalisation in tokamaksAgata Czarnecka
09:15GEM detector application in plasma radiation diagnosticsMaryna Chernyshova
09:30Results of neutron irradiation of GEM detector for plasma radiation detectionSławomir Jednoróg
09:45Spectroscopic study of ns-laser pulse interaction with Ni:TiC sampleDariusz Strzęciwilk
10:00Separation of overlapped signals from multi-time photons for the GEM based detection systemTomasz Czarski
10:15Optimization and parallelization of GEM data analysisRafał Krawczyk
10:30Seriall data acquisition developmentPiotr Kolasiński
10:45Fast charge acquisition algorithm for soft X-ray diagnostics system based on GEM detectorAndrzej Wojeński
11:00RapidIO based Data Acquisition System for GEM detectorsPiotr Miedzik
11:15Coffee break
11:30Hot Plasma Diagnostic - part 2 - prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
11:30Distributed diagnostic system for tokamaks' high-voltage power supply sectionAndrzej Wojeński
11:45Thermonuclear fusion - problems and challengesMarek Scholz
12:15DONES/ELAMAT- Podkarpackie: Accelerator Driven Neutron SourceUrszula Woźnicka
12:45Signal acquisition in Cherenkov-type diagnostics of electron beams within tokamak facilitiesMarek Rabiński
13:00Time-integrated and time-resolved measurements of X-rays from high-current Plasma-Focus dischargesDobromił Załoga
13:15Energy- and time-resolved measurements of fast ions emitted from Plasma-Focus discharges, by means of a Thomson spectrometerRoch Kwiatkowski
13:30Lunch break
14:30HEP session, part 1 - prof. Piotr Malecki
14:30INVITED SPEECH: ESSnuSB - a neutrino Super Beam based on the use of the 5 MW ESS linacTord Ekelöf
15:30Energy and Momentum Reconstruction Resolution in ATLAS Forward Proton DetectorsMaciej Trzebiński
15:45Alignment of the Forward Proton Detectors at the LHCRafał Staszewski
16:00Study of elastic proton-proton scattering with the STAR detector at RHICRafał Sikora
16:15Feasibility Studies of the Exclusive Diffractive Bremsstrahlung Measurement at RHIC EnergiesŁukasz Fulek
16:30Beam monitoring in ATLASEwa Stanecka
16:45Upgrades of the LHC and experimentsPaweł Malecki
17:00Coffee break
17:15HEP session, part 2 - prof. Piotr Malecki
17:15Machine learning - how to get more out of HEP dataMarcin Wolter
17:30Bremsstrahlung at the LHCJanusz Chwastowski
17:45Pattern Recognition for Forward Tracker in Panda ExperimentMateusz Michałek
18:00Commissioning of ALFA trigger in ATLAS experiment using ZedboardBartosz Dziedzic
18:15Novel accelerator techniques in recent UE projectsPiotr Malecki
18:30Dinner break
19:00Accelerator instrumentation - dr Robert Nietubyć
19:00Passive multi-layer neutron spectrometer for neutron radiation fields dosimetryMaciej Maciak
19:15SRF photocathodes for cw linacJerzy Lorkiewicz
19:30LLRF for Eu-XFEL and ESSJarosław. Szewiński
19:45Linac commissioning and diagnosticsAdriana Wawrzyniak
20:00Data Acquisition System for GEM detectors based on MTCA platformGrzegorz Kasprowicz
20:15Social events & grill
22:00Installation and commissioning of Solaris synchrotron - dr Adriana Wawrzyniak
22:00Tango based control system Piotr Goryl
22:15Angular photoemission beamline at SolarisKarolina Szamota Leanderson
22:30Mechanical aspects of integrated magnets installationJarosław Wiechecki
22:45Magnetic measurementsRobert Nietubyć
2015-05-29 Friday
09:00Biomedical Session - prof. Antoni Grzanka
09:00Derivation of the Laplace's law correction coefficient for arterial stress evaluationAdam Piechna
09:15Individualization of the parameters of the 3-element Windkessel model using carotid pulse signalMarek Żyliński
09:30Numerical simulations of influence of blood flow through arterial perforators on the pulse pressure shapeMarcin Pieniak
09:45Assessment of causality between breathing and heart activity signalsMarcel Młyńczak
10:00Analysing non-respiratory movements of the chest: methods and devicesMarcel Młyńczak
10:15Accelerometer recorder and display system for ambulatory patientsM B
10:30Constructing efficient templates for 3D face recognition with adaptive cylindrical quad-tree structureWeronika Gutfeter
11:00Coffee break
11:40Bioinformatics Session - dr. Robert Nowak
11:45Bioinformatics pipeline for functional identification and characterization of proteins.Agnieszka Skarzyńska
12:00Advantages and disadvantages in usage of bioinformatic programs in promoter region analysis.Kacper Posyniak
12:15Progress in cucumber genome assembly using NGS technologiesOsipowski Paweł
12:30Genome structural annotation enhancement with RNAseq data.Michał Wojcieszek
12:45Selection the optimal classifier parametersPiotr Tąkiel
13:00Bioweb - framework to create web applicationsRobert Nowak
13:30Lunch break
14:00Wilga afternoon session part 1
16:00Coffee break
16:15Adaptive Systems for Signal Processing and Transmission - prof. Anatolij Płatonow
16:15Methods of improvement of adaptive cyclic ADC operation after threshold pointKonrad Jędrzejewski
16:30Assessment of adaptive cyclic ADC nonlinearityŁukasz Małkiewicz
16:45Measurement of real quality of analog and digital CS transmitting the signals from analog sourcesAnatolij Płatonow
17:00Development of practical design of AFCS for controlling the state of high voltage linesAnatolij Płatonow
17:15Problems in design of transmitters for adaptive FCS and the ways of solutionIevgen Zaitsev
17:30Realization of guitar audio effects using digital signal processing methodsSzymon Buś
18:30Dinner break
19:00Dependable Computing - prof. Janusz Sosnowski, dr Piotr Gawkowski
19:00Reducing the agreement cost of BFT replicationMaciej Zbierski
19:15Filtering decision rules using generators and closed itemsetsAgnieszka Komorowska
19:30Parallelization of Apriori algorithm using Charm++ libraryMarek Puścian
20:00Using assertions with tracesPiotr Nazimek
20:15Comparing fault susceptibility of multiple ISAs and operating systemsSławomir Chyłek
20:30Applying time series analysis to performance logsMarcin Kubacki
20:45Discovering of Execution Patterns of Subprograms in Execution TracesMichał Komorowski
21:00Consistent Model Driven ArchitectureStanisław Jerzy Niepostyn
21:15Using recurrence plot analysis for software execution interpretation and fault detectionMichał Mosdorf
21:30Methodology of decreasing software complexity using ontologyKatarzyna Dąbrowska-Kubik
21:45Social events & grill
22:00Wilga regular session - prof. Ryszard Romaniuk
22:00Dependability modeling methodology for reconfigurable FPGA using Petri NetsRafal Graczyk
22:15Thermal Analysis and Simulation of ChemiX InstrumentUrszula Kaszubkiewicz
22:30Simulation of signal induction in the Caliste-SO detectorJaromir Barylak
2015-05-30 Saturday
09:00Logic Synthesis and Algorithms - dr Grzegorz Borowik
09:00Petri nets SM cover based on heuristic coloring algorithmJacek Tkacz
09:15Statechart-based Design Controllers for FPGA Partial ReconfigurationGrzegorz Łabiak
09:25Novel Fast Multiplicator Implemented Using FPGAMarek Wegrzyn
09:35Logic controllers design and verification by means of partial reconfigurationMichał Doligalski
09:45Reducing Interferences in Wireless Communication Systems by Mobile Agents with Recurrent Neural Networks-based adaptive ChannelChristian Napoli
10:00Intelligent Systems - dr Marcin Woźniak
10:00Fast algorithm for feature extractionGrzegorz Borowik
10:10Novel approach to data discretizationGrzegorz Borowik
10:20Rule induction based on the frequencies of attribute valuesGrzegorz Borowik
10:30Multi-Variants Synthesis of Petri Nets For FPGA DevicesArkadiusz Bukowiec
10:45Similarity search for reusable tasksTomasz Gratkowski
11:00Coffee break
11:15Microsensors, Sensors and Internet of Things Applications - Students Session - part 1 - prof. J.Weremczuk
11:15Software as a Service in Internet of Things DevelopmentMateusz Męcina
11:30Data Management in Mobile Sensor NodesJacek Więckowski
11:45Mobile Measurement Node with Localization ServiceMateusz Ostrysz
12:00Wireless Power Solutions for Internet of Things Measurement NodesBartek Nowak
12:15ANT+ Interface in Wireless Sensor Network for Shocks MonitorAdrian Ratajczyk
12:30Energy-efficient routing protocols for Internet of Things ApplicationsŁukasz Wolniak
12:45Concept of control and measurement systems dedicated for autonomous cleaning robotsMichał Marzęcki
12:55Microfluidic metrological system with electrowetting effect realisedwith inkjet printing technologyMateusz Kamiński
13:00Lunch break
13:30Microsensors, Sensors and Internet of Things Applications - Students Session - part 2 - prof. J.Weremczuk
13:45Comparison of absolute and relative air humidity sensors fabricated with inkjet printing technologyRafał Selma
14:00Power supply system for examination of flexible electroluminescent display fabricated with inkjet printing technologyDaniel Węcławik
14:15Liquid level sensors in applications for tanks with irregular shapes and for varying liquid contaminationMichał Woyke
14:30Modeling humidity sensors with fractional calculusBartosz Dzikowski
14:45Field environmental monitoring deviceTomasz Pieńkowski
15:00Lab-on-foil technology developmentKrzysztof Hackiewicz
15:15Sensor Network Concept for Ambient Assisted LivingMarek Pachwicewicz
15:30Optimization of inkjet printing process of silver electrodes on PDMS substrateMichał Marzęcki
15:45Sensitivity of the stagnation region in the vortex meter to mechanical disturbancesGrzegorz L. Pankanin
16:00Simulation of Karman Vortex Street Phenomenon with Computional Fluid Dynamics Methods ApplicationArtur Kulińczak
16:15Coffee break
16:30Biological Session- prof. Andrzej Wróbel
16:30Automation - towards thorough and efficient behavioral research in neuroscienceAlicja Puścian
16:45Development of implantable optoelectronic module for optical brain tissue stimulation in freely moving miceKonstantin Rusakov
17:00Semi-automatic micro-drive system for positioning electrodes during electrophysiological recordings from rat brain Jakub Możaryn
17:15Augmenting the functionality of home-cage environments- the real-time system approachRafał Krawczyk
18:00Poster Session
18:00Face thermography for medical screeningZbigniew Wawrzyniak
18:00Mobile screening tool for skin lesions Zbigniew Wawrzyniak
18:00Measuring in high frequency sonography images for skinZbigniew Wawrzyniak
18:30Dinner break
19:00Methods to increase reliability and ensure determinism in a White Rabbit NetworkMaciej Lipinski
19:15ELSTAB - actively stabilized time and frequency distribution - five years of developmentJacek Kołodziej
19:30Adaptive Noise Cancelation in Heavy Tailed EnviromentZbigniew Gajo
19:45Using Singular Value Decomposition for Neutron-Gamma DiscriminationMaciej Linczuk
20:00Multiple single-mode fiber Y-combinerWieslaw Jasiewicz
20:15Indoor inertial navigation application for Android smartphonesŁukasz Kamiński
20:30Comparison of measurement methods for capacitive tactile sensors and their implementationGrzegorz Tarapata
21:00Wilga grill night
21:00Social Event: Scientific Evening of WILGA Conference
2015-05-31 Sunday
09:30Wilga regular session part 1 - dr. Maciej Linczuk
09:30Designing plastic optical fiber couplersPiotr Bienias
09:45Optymalization of optical fiber sensor for medical aplication.Katarzyna Kaźmierczak
10:00The method of measurement system software automatic validation using business rules management system Piotr Zawistowski
10:15White Rabbit in Space Related ApplicationMikolaj Jamroży
10:30Protection system for superconducting tokamakBartek Juszczyk
10:45Development of low noise CCD readout front-endMikolaj Jamroży
11:00Principal Component Analysis implementation in JAVASebastian Wójtowicz
11:15Multichannel measurement system of the temperature on the PCBMichał Krzemiński
11:30Advantages and disadvantages in usage of bioinformatic programs in promoter region analysis.Agnieszka Skarzyńska
11:45Internet of everything - continuous health monitoring by wearablesZbigniew Wawrzyniak
12:00Coffee break
12:15Wilga regular session part 2 - dr. Maciej Linczuk
12:15Algorythmic Synthesis using Python CompilerRadosław Cieszewski
12:30Context Aware Adaptive Security Service ModelMarcin Tunia
12:45Characterization techniques using Signal Integrity in verification of PCB designJakub Wójcicki
13:00Exploring the feasibility of iris recognition for visible spectrum iris images obtained using smartphone cameraMateusz Trokielewicz
13:15Estimation of PV energy production based on satellite dataGustaw Mazurek
13:30Lunch break
14:30PERG Students session part 1 - dr Maciej Linczuk
14:30Fast, Intelligent camera with Ethernet interfaceTomek Ferens
14:45Hardware for 3D smart cameraFilip Świtakowski
15:00Neutron monitoring module for tokamak usageMagdalena Działak
15:15Features of the EMC testing workplace at the Faculty of Electronics and Information TechnologyMichał Pacholski
15:30LedPoi - device used for multifunctional light showsBartosz Paweł Zieliński
15:45TDOA navigation system – receiver hardwareMikołaj Sowiński
16:00Fast modular acquisition system for GEM-2D detector - architecture and hardwareTomasz Przywózki
16:15Coffee break
16:30PERG Students session part 2 - dr Maciej Linczuk
16:30Hardware JTAG debugger module with Ethernet interfacePaweł Kulik
16:45User interface and real-time data analysis application for automated home-cageJakub Jarosiński
17:00Using the Virtual JTAG as a medium for device analysis.Łukasz Ostrowski
17:15Electric arc simulator used for testing high voltage power sourcesPiotr Nowakowski
17:30Shutter with blades position feedback for astronomical cameraKonrad Zgaga
17:45Computation optimization methods of data acquired from GEM detectorPaweł Linczuk
18:00Project of the Power Supply to the Space SateliteHubert Kasprzyk
18:15SD Cards Controller with Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGAPiotr Omelaniuk
18:30Dinner break
20:00Summary of WILGA 2015 Ryszard Romaniuk