Conference goals

The conference is designed for young researchers and PhD students and graduate students from the department Electronics and Information Technology Warsaw University of Technology, departments of Mechatronics, Electrical, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, etc. The aim of the conference is:
- Integration of young scientists working in similar topics of research in the country and in the international environment
- Popularization of the great experiments of youth scientific research in the country, such as the LHC - Large Hadron Collider, E-XFEL - The European Free Electron Laser, HIPER and ELI - European large laser facilities, ITER - a precursor to a future fusion power plant, the experiments and space astronomy, etc. .
- Allowing the presentation and publication of young scholars of his work in English in the series worldwide SPIE Proceedings in the United States.

The conference WILGA subject:
- Optoelectronics, photonics, optics: fiber optics, telecommunications, optical, photonic sensors, optical network and giga-terabits, optoelectronics information, image processing, optoelectronics IR, remote sensing optoelectronic,
- Advanced electronic and optoelectronic systems: design systems, application systems
- Optoelectronic systems in astronomy and high energy physics experiments and accelerator technology and fourth-generation light sources
- Future Internet Engineering: a global network of GRID computing, M2M machine communication, smart computing techniques,
- The integration of hardware and software, object-oriented approach to software and hardware, integrated development environments,
- Optoelectronic and electronic technologies: nanotechnologies in optoelectronics, fiber optics technology special-structured photonic fibers, micro.

The conference program consist of sessions. Each session is associated with a range of topics. Introduction to Sessions is presented by an eminent specialist - polish or foreign. The session is filled with thematic work presented by young scientists. A group of young scholars from various centers often come under the care of his Wilga promoters or university delegates. Often such representatives are college deans for education. For examlpe, during the conference WILGA 2012 the following sessions held:
- Polish construction concepts free electron laser POLFEL.
- Progress in the field of machine construction and operation EXFEL its precursor - FLASH machine.
- Participation of research teams from the country in the experiment JET and ITER.
- Research project progress Pi-of-the-sky survey of optical components GRB events - all-sky gamma-ray bursts.
- Participation of teams from the country in the LHC experiments, CMS, Totem, Atlas,
- Internet project to build high-quality.
- An ontological approach to the construction of knowledge online databases.