Information for Authors

Wilga Conference is designed for young researchers and PhD students and graduate students from Universities of Technologies. Because of this, conference fee is reduced as possible. Conference Organizers not support any social eg. food, accomodation. After the acceptation of speech (the title of the speech appear in Agenda) speakers should book their stay at Wilga Resort by phone: (25) 68-53-017
The cost of stay one day in Wilga Resort (breakfast, lunch, supper, evening grill and accomodation) is about 100zl for one day. For stay in Wilga, Resort invoices.

Thesis of Wilga Symposium will be published in Procedings of SPIE and International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications. There is a plan to publish a special issue of the IJET journal.

All the articles (carefully prepared in electronic version) will be collected before 1 may. Because of the tightened publication criteria in the Proc.SPIE, all the articles must be recommended for example by research workers of candidates for doctors or organizers/chairmen of topical sessions. All the articles will be additionally reviewed by the Symposium Scientific Committee and the Board of the SPIE Poland Chapter members and IJET Board of Editors and Associate Editors.

The official and required language of the Symposium is English. There will not be any presentation or publication in other languages.

The papers to be published in the book Proc.SPIE and IJET.PL are not conference communications but full refereed papers. The requirements are:
- contributed papers: min 6 full pages, max 12 pages
- invited papers: min 8 pages, max 15 pages.
No papers shorter than full 6 pages will be accepted. All papers authored by young researchers should be accompanied with an opinion by a promotor/mentor/tutor. All papers should be also accompanied by, properly filled in hand, SPIE Copyright Transfer Form (CTF). All the Author's package should be sent by e-mail: scanned CTF, paper, reviewer opinion.

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How tu upload an article to SPIE webpage (based on 2018)
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