Analysis of deformations of thin-wall parts in machining

The article presents a study on deformation of thin-walled components during milling. In the practical part, the test position consisting of conventional milling machines, high-speed camera and piezoelectric dynamometer was prepared. Milling operations performed on samples prepared of ST3S steel. Cutting parameters for each sample were the same, the way of mounting the samples in a holder constituted the difference. The tests were made for conventional and climbing milling. During the tests, deformation of samples was recorded with the high-speed camera. Moreover, the cutting forces were also recorded. In the second part of the article, the work in NX application was described. Geometric models of samples and material model were built, and simulation of deformation of the samples was performed. A comparison of the deformation results obtained from the laboratory tests and simulations constitutes a summary of the article.

Author: Łukasz Ślusarczyk
Conference: Title