Numerical simulations of influence of blood flow through arterial perforators on the pulse pressure shape

Most of the existing models of cardiovascular system do not take into account the leakage of blood through a number of small vessels branching the main arterial trunks and called perforators. Therefore, the aim of this study is to investigate their influence on pulse pressure waveform. To do so we designed 1D linearized computer model of cardiovascular system and conducted the series of simulations with and without leakage. Blood flow in a single segment of the arterial system and pressure in vascular nodes were described by two first order partial differential equations. A set of boundary conditions on both ends of a single vascular segment has been formulated. To solve the linear set of above equations, a numerical method of characteristic has been used. It was shown that leakage significantly reduce reflection from the peripheral resistance. The simulations have also shown a decrease of the mean pressure with an increase of leakage and modification of pulse pressure waveform.

Author: Marcin Pieniak
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