Phenomena of non-coil inductance in diamagnetic metal-dielectric nanocomposites Cux(SiO2)(100-x)

In this paper results of researches of electrical properties of nanocomposites, in which metallic phase is diamagnetic copper in dielectric SiO2 matrix. Materials were obtained by ion-beam sputtering in argon atmosphere. Measured parameters were resistance Rp, capacity Cp and phase angle θ on AC in frequency range 50 Hz – 5 MHz and in measurement temperature function from the range 77 K – 373 K. Based on obtained results occurrence of positive values of phase angle was established. These values were observed in materials immediately after preparation and after materials annealing in temperature 398 K. Occurrence of non-coil inductance and, in some cases, voltage resonance phenomena were determined.

Author: Karolina Czarnacka
Conference: Title