Simulation of signal induction in the Caliste-SO detector

Caliste-SO is a semiconductor x-ray detector, which will be used in the STIX (Spectrometer/Telescope Imaging X-ray) instrument on board Solar Orbiter. The Solar Orbiter is a M-class mission of the ESA’s program Cosmic Vision 2015-2025, which is planned to be launch in 2018. STIX will provide imaging spectroscopy of solar hard X-ray emission in range 4 to 150 keV. Solar Orbiter is a deep space mission and CdTe detectors of Caliste-SO will be exposed to changing and harsh radiation environment. It is very important to simulate behavior of detectors under space condition raises. I will present simulation of signal induction in CdTe crystal electrodes and their usefulness in simulation of aging of detectors.

Author: Jaromir Barylak
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