Multicore fibre based components for future high capacity networks

Multicore fibre based components for future high capacity networks
Ł.Szostkiewicz(1), M.Napierala(2,3), A.Ziolowicz(1,5),A.Pytel(1,5) M.Szymanski(1), M.Murawski(2), T.Tenderenda(2), P.Mergo(4), T.Nasilowski(2)
(1) Polish Centre For Photonics and Fibre Optics, Rogoznica 312, 36-060 Glogow Malopolski, Poland, (2 )InPhoTech, Ltd., 17 Slominskiego St 31, 00-195 Warsaw, Poland
(3) Institute of Applied Physics, Military University of Technology, 2 Kaliskiego St, 00-906 Warsaw, Poland
(4) Laboratory of Optical Fibre Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University,3 Maria Curie-Sklodowska Sq, 20-031 Lublin, Poland (5)Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, 75 Koszykowa, 00-662 Warsaw, Poland

Abstract: We present experimental and theoretical results of research in the area of utilization multicore fibres (MCF) for transmission, amplification and power splitting. We show methods like fiber post processing or MCF geometry tailoring for achieving specific performance of the fibres and fibre components. Brief introduction to light behavior describing methodology in both, coupled and uncoupled, MCF type is also presented.

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Author: Łukasz Szostkiewicz
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