Optoelectronic set for measuring spectral skin reflection

In the article is presented optoelectronic set for measuring the radiation reflected spectrum of living human skin. Measured radiation is from spectral range of tissue optical window. The basic elements of the set are: the illuminator consists of a set of selected high-power LEDs emitting a uniform distribution of the spectral irradiance in the exposed field, and the semispherical measuring chamber and the spectrometer which analyzes the reflection spectra.
In the article are presented the mmesurement results of the radiation reflected spectra from the skin of dark and light skin volunteers.
Knowledge about the reflected spectrum of the living skin allows adjusting spectral and energetic parameters of radiation in biostimulation treatment. The developed set also enables the repeatable exposures of the patient in the Low Level Laser Therapy procedures.

Author: Ɓukasz Gryko
Conference: Title