Integrated optoelectronic system for hematocrit measurements

In this paper optoelectronic system for measurements of hematocrit level (HCT) in the whole human

blood is presented. Proposed system integrates dedicated optoelectronic sensor, microcontroller and

small LCD display in a low cost, battery-operating, handheld device. Chosen method for determining

blood hematocrit level is based on optical properties of whole blood in visible and NIR wavelength

range. Measurements with the use of proposed system require a blood sample (small drop in the

range of microliters) which need to be placed in the micro cuvette. Then, absorption of a sample is

measured at wavelengths of 570 nm and 880 nm.

Prototype of the device was build and tested. Test results confirmed proper operation of the device

with correct metrological parameters in application to HCT level measurements. The proposed

solution can be potentially used as a one of portable devices for medical diagnostic, which are

becoming interesting alternative to full laboratory tests.

Author: Marzena Pluta
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