Konferencja: XLIV-th IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium Wilga 2019

2019-05-26 Sunday
17:30Meeting of the Symposium Org. and Tech. Comm.
2019-05-27 Monday
08:00Wilga Opening Session - Introduction to the WILGA 2018 Symposium - prof. Ryszard Romaniuk
08:15Invited speech - prof. Tadeusz Kaczorek
08:15Angles between matrices and between polynomials in analysis of electrical circuitsTadeusz Kaczorek
08:45Metrology and Measurement Systems - dr Wojciech Walendziuk
08:45The Impact of Rain on Performance of Visible Light CommunicationLukas Danys
09:00Acoustic Sensor Optimalization for SMART TechnologiesJakub Kolarik
09:15Road Lighting Control OptionsRadek Martinek
09:30Strain Gauge Sensor for the Internet of ThingsZdenek Slanina
09:45The Impact of Fog on Performance of Visible Light CommunicationLukas Danys
10:00Distributed measurement data collecting system with mobile packet transmissionWojciech Wojtkowski
10:15The analysis of sensitivity and nonlinearity parameters of selected signal conditioners for resistance measurementAnna Dąbrowska
10:30Multi-channel temperature measurement system with remote dashboard for electric vehicleWojciech Wojtkowski
10:45Coffee break
11:00Space Research Centre session - prof. Iwona Stanisławska
11:10Aquiring projects in the space sectorAnna Długosz
11:20Comparison of mathematical morphology with the local multifractal description applied to the image samples processingMałgorzata Jenerowicz
11:35Creation of training data set for Sentinel-2 land cover classificationEwa Gromny
11:50One Class SVM for buildings detection on Sentinel-2 imagesMichal Krupinski
12:05Post-processing tools for land cover classification of Sentinel-2Ewa Gromny
12:20Trial as a pragmatic and systematic approach for assessing new solutions in crisis management and rescue operationsJakub Ryzenko
12:35Regional Warning Centre of Warsaw in Heliogeophysical Prediction Service Laboratory - Space Weather service in Poland.Lukasz Tomasik
12:50Space weather usage of LOFAR PL610 stationMariusz Pożoga
13:00Lunch break
14:00Space Research Centre session - prof. Iwona Stanisławska
14:00Design and development of scientific instrumentation according to Space 4.0 approach - the advantages and dangersPiotr Orleański
14:15STIX DPU - very efficient and reliable controller for a scientific instrumentKonrad Skup
14:30High Accuracy and repeatability mirror positionning system for Pointing Unit of Space Hiperspectral Spectrometer DESISRoman Wawrzaszek
14:45Design of DPU and PSU for ESA JUICE SWI instrumentKonrad Skup
15:00Utilization of design features of the STEP-F and SphinX for exploration of the Earth’s radiation belts propertiesJaromir Barylak
15:15Modelling of soft fault propagation in sequential circuits by fuzzy-logic simulationsAndrzej Cichocki
15:30Simulation of CubeSat caliber particle detector “MiRA_ep” response to energetic electrons and protons using GEANT4 packageJaromir Barylak
15:45Design and test of magnetorquer in PCB technology for nanosatellitesRoman Wawrzaszek
16:00Design and tests of sunsensor based on 2D Position Sensitive DetectorJakub Mądry
16:15Coffee break
16:30Space Research Centre session - prof. Iwona Stanisławska
16:30Design of the MERTIS Pointing Unit for BEPI COLOMBO missionMirosław Rataj
16:45Electronic Box Structural Analyses for a Space FlightAdam Dacko
17:00Microgravity testbed for the development of space robot control systems and the demonstration of orbital maneuversFatina Basmadji
17:15Planetary Penetrator Control Electronics DesignTomasz Barciński
17:30Planetary Penetrator Drive DesignJacek Musiał
17:45Design of the Radiator for detection part of the Submilimetre Wave Instrument (SWI) of JUICE missionSzymon Polak
18:00Design of Fine Guidance System (FGS) for ARIEL missionMateusz Sobiecki
18:15Simulation of a space manipulatorPiotr Palma
18:30On the legality of appropriation of space resourceBartosz Malinowski
19:00Dinner break & Social events & Grill
2019-05-28 Tuesday
08:00Wilga Session - prof. Małgorzata Jakubowska
08:00Acetylcholinesterase-based biosensing solutions for the detection of organophosphorus pesticidesPiotr Walter
08:15Screen printed graphene electrodes for voltammetric dopamine determinationTomasz Raczyński
08:30Manufacturing methods and challenges in structural electronics.Bartłomiej Wałpuski
08:45Mechanical and thermal properties of ABS/iron composite for fused deposition modeling.Bartłomiej Podsiadły
09:00Fabrication antennas with 2D and 3D printing technologies. Review. Dariusz Grudziński
09:15Manufacturing Stretchable Conductive Interconnects on Fabric Substrates. Development of a Technology.Marcin Zych
09:30Ion-selective electrode for potassium determinationIzabella Piorek
09:45Effect of sonication process and solvent type on ageing of silver ink for aerosol jet printingKacper Skarżyński
10:00The investigation of transparent electrodes made with ultrasonic spray coaterLeszek Kołodziej
10:15Utilizing sugar based material in additive manufacturingSzymon Ostrowski
10:30Coffee break
11:00Invited speech - prof. Jacek Sekutowicz
11:00PolFEL among other free electron lasers worldwideJacek Sekutowicz
12:00PolFEL session - dr Robert Nietubyć
12:00Start to end beam simulationMarcin Staszczak
12:15PolFEL experimental capabilitiesKarolina Szamota-Leandersson
12:30PolFEL undulatorsRobert Nietubyć
12:45Laser beam concept for Inverse Compton Scattering experiment at PolFELPaweł Czuma
13:00PolFEL LLRF developmentJarosław Szewiński
13:15Lunch break
14:00Polish contribution to CLIC detector and physics studies - prof. Aleksander Filip Żarnecki
14:00Polish contribution to CLIC detector and physics studiesAleksander Filip Zarnecki
14:30Extracting the top-quark mass and Yukawa coupling from the threshold scan at CLICKacper Nowak
14:45Search for Inert Doublet Model scalars at high energy CLICJan Klamka
15:15Searching for invisible Higgs boson decays at CLICKrzysztof Mękała
15:30Coffee break
16:00CBM session - dr. Wojciech Zabołotny
16:00Pion-kaon femtoscopy in Therminator 2 model.Paweł Szymański
16:15Implementation of OMTF trigger algorithm with high-level synthesisWojciech Zabołotny
16:45Geometry and Dynamics in Heavy-ion Collisions Seen by the Femtoscopy in the STAR ExperimentHanna Zbroszczyk
17:00Application of Forth CPU for control and debugging of FPGA-implemented systemsWojciech Zabołotny
17:15Kaon femtoscopy in STARDiana Pawłowska
17:30Automatic management of local bus address space in complex FPGA-implemented hierarchical systemsWojciech Zabołotny
17:45Geometry and Dynamics in Heavy-ion Collisions Seen by the Femtoscopy in the STAR ExperimentHanna Zbroszczyk
18:00Dinner break
19:30BIO-7/9 Session - prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
19:30Mobile Distribution Point Architecture Concept of ICT InfrastructureGrzegorz Kasprowicz
19:45Concept of the platform architecture for data integration from the Border Guard observation systemsGrzegorz Kasprowicz
20:00Video Signals Integrator. Configuration Database - POSTERDanuta Bukowiecka
20:30Social events & grill
2019-05-29 Wednesday
08:30Photonic Materials and Structures - prof. Jan Dorosz and dr inż. Magdalena Leśniak
08:30Structural and optical properties of barium gallo-germanate glassesGabriela Mach
08:45The application of black glass thin layers in stripping voltametryBartłomiej Starzyk
09:00Fluorescent materials for special construction of UV sensor head in high voltage arc detectionPaweł Awramiuk
09:15Visualisation of food products with the use of LED source illuminationJakub Lewandowski
09:30Effect of rare-earth doping on the biological properties of bioactive glassAgata Baranowska
09:45Structural and luminescent properties of oxyfluoride tellurite glasses doped Er3+”Magdalena Leśniak
10:00Coffee break
10:30Fusion Related Studies Session - dr inż. Andrzej Wojeński
10:30Preliminary dynamic analysis of the forces on the COMPASS-U tokamak foundationsRafał Ortwein
10:45Preliminary mechanical analysis of the COMPASS-U Central SolenoidPrzemysław Wąchal
11:00Installation of the GEM SXR measurement system at WEST tokamakAndrzej Wojeński
11:15GEM detector charge signals sequencer implementation for WEST experimentPiotr Kolasiński
11:30Design and development of soft X-ray diagnostics for the Wendelstein 7-XMonika Kubkowska
11:45Design and development of soft X-ray diagnostics based on GEM detectors at IPPLMMaryna Chernyshova
12:00Basics of numerical simulations of the signals from GEM detectorKarol Malinowski
12:15Acceleration of heavy ions to multi-GeV energies by an ultra-intense laserJaroslaw Domanski
12:30Analysis of metallic impurities during the application of a novel three-ion D-(3He)-H ICRH scenario at JET-ILWAgata Chomiczewska
12:45Detection of heavy Au ions accelerated from thin foils irradiated by a femtosecond 10TW laser pulseDominika Makaruk
13:00Technological aspects in GEM detector construction for plasma diagnostic application - POSTEREwa Kowalska-Strzęciwilk
13:10Lunch break
14:30Polish contribution in ATLAS experiment - Maciej Trzebiński
14:30Using ALFA Detectors for the LHC Beam Background MeasurementsBartosz Dziedzic
14:45Detecting Nuclear Debris with the Forward Proton Detectors at the LHCKrzysztof Cieśla
15:00On the Exclusive Jet Measurements at the LHCPaula Erland
15:15Diffractive Physics at the LHCMaciej Trzebiński
15:30Tracking with Deep Neural NetworksMarcin Wolter
15:45Polish contribution in CMS experiment - dr Marcin Konecki
15:45Muon Trigger of the CMS detector - Warsaw Group worksMarcin Konecki
16:05Neural Networks for the OMTFWiktor Kondrusiewicz
16:20Coffee break
17:15Wilga session
17:15Comparison of high-level programming languages efficiency in embedded systems Piotr Golonko
17:30Automatization of measurements in the stability and linearity tests of direct current-current transducer (DCCT)Mateusz Sewioło
17:45The numerical analysis of the electric field distribution behind the three-layer wall - POSTERAgnieszka Choroszucho
18:00Dinner break
20:00Social events & grill
2019-05-30 Thursday
11:00Communications and Sensing - prof. Jerzy Siuzdak
11:00Pre- vs post equalization in VLC using LEDsJerzy Siuzdak
11:15Advanced modulation formats in 1310nmŁukasz Chorchos
11:30Simultaneous monitoring of the phenomena of CD, Crosstalk and OSNR in the physical layer of the optical network with the use ...Tomasz Mrozek
11:45Channel impulse response approximation for closed space VLC transmission with the use of an artificial neural network and ...Marcin Kowalczyk
13:00Lunch break
14:00Sensing Devices - Applications and Technologies - part 1 - dr hab. Michał Borecki
14:00Sensing devices for color of medium-distant object on horizont immediate detectionArkadiusz Olejnik
14:15Passive sensing device for cloud on the skyline detectionMichal Borecki
14:30Preparation of n-CuO nanostructural films by thermal oxidation/PVD methodElżbieta Czerwosz
14:45Nano p-CuO layer/n-Si junction for photovoltaic applicationsKrzysztof Biernacki
15:00Analysis of metrological properties of the measurement system to study changes in the resistance of nanocomposite carbon-palladiSlawomir Krawczyk
15:15Technology and characterization of ISFET structures with graphene membraneKinga Kondracka
15:30Preparation of MoS2 films for sensor applicationsBartłomiej Stonio
15:45Coffee break
16:00Sensing Devices - Applications and Technologies - part 2 - dr hab. Michał Borecki
16:00Characterization of CuO nanorodsIzabela Stępińska
16:15Deposition of BN layers by MOVPEJarosław Gaca
16:30Towards large are of MoS2 layers grown for the sensor devicesPiotr Knyps
16:45AlGaN/GaN HEMTs for the purposes of electronic applicationsPiotr Caban
17:00Influence of annealing on electronic properties of thin AlN films deposited by magnetron sputtering method on silicon substratesPiotr Firek
17:15Concept of an SDR radio transceiver for HyperSat microsatellite platform.Stanisław Hanasz
18:00Dinner break
20:00Modeling, simulation and monitoring of machining - dr inż. Andrzej Matras
20:00Optimization of cutting data of nickel-based sintered materials turning Ksenia Rumian
20:15Prediction Method of Input Parameters Impacting of Dimensional Accuracy of High Aspect Ratio Holes Obtained by Using EDDMagdalena Machno
20:30Modeling of burrs during drilling of titanium alloyEmilia Franczyk
20:45Modeling, simulation and monitoring of machining
20:45Cutting force prediction in ball-end milling of Ni-TiMałgorzata Kowalczyk
20:45Analysis of the creation process of the chip during the orthogonal turning of pure titanium using a high-speed cameraŁukasz Ślusarczyk
20:45Analysis of the material model of C45 steel for the simulation of the machining processŁukasz Ślusarczyk
20:45Application of infrared and high-speed cameras in diagnostics of CNC milling machines – case studyGrzegorz Struzikiewicz
20:45The application of high-speed camera registration for analysis of the chip breaking methods in the machining of nickel-based allGrzegorz Struzikiewicz
21:30Social events & grill
2019-05-31 Friday
08:30Deep networks in digital media - prof. Władysław Skarbek
08:30Optimization Analysis for Image based Steganography using Generative Adversarial NetworksAldrin Wilfred
08:45Deep Learning for Rectification of Radial Distortion ImageZHIHAO PAN
09:00Transfer learning: Face identification to emotion recognitionXin Chang
09:15Deep Neural Networks for color distortions restorationRafał Protasiuk
09:30Multi-objective noisy-based deep feature loss for speech enhancementRafał Pilarczyk
09:45Imaging and vision measuring systems - prof. Andrzej Sioma
09:45Calibration of 2D vision systemsAgnieszka Bućwińska
10:00Robotic station for vision inspection of product qualityKatarzyna Parkot
10:15Vision inspection of the parameters of molded plastic packagingBartosz Lenty
10:30The use of 3D imaging to determine the orientation and location of the object based on the CAD modelArkadiusz Nitka
10:45Visualization of measurements in the Microsoft Visual Studio environmentMarcin Rabenda
11:003D imaging methods in quality inspection systems – POSTERAndrzej Sioma
11:15Coffee break
11:30Neuroengineering control and regulation of behavior - prof. Lech Mankiewicz
11:30Design of portable optoelectronic devices for optogenetic research of mice brainKonstantin Rusakov
11:45Modular control system for behavioural experimentsMichał Gąska
13:00Lunch break
14:00Adaptive signal processing, measurement and communication systems - prof. Anatolij Płatonow
14:00Potential advantages of adaptive feedback CS application in networks of 5th generation and beyondAnatoliy Platonow
14:15Assessment of adaptive algorithms effectiveness for suppression of powerline harmonics in EEG signalsRenata Plucińska
14:30Performance of wireless communication systems: what is it?Anatoliy Platonow
15:30Dependable Computing - prof. Janusz Sosnowski
15:30Analysis and specification of Consistency Rules for UML DiagramsStanisław Jerzy Niepostyn
15:45ESD problems in embedded systemsKazimierz Krosman
16:00Reliable frequent itemsets mining with actor based Apriori algorithmMarek Puścian
16:15Coffee break
16:30Invited speech - Dorota Myko
16:30In Search of Happiness – How to Deal with Stress?Dorota Myko
17:00Artificial Intelligence & Bioinformatics - dr hab Robert Nowak
17:00The new C++ serialization library supporting backward and forward compatibilityMichał Breiter
17:10Paraphrase generation and evaluation - a view from the trenchesWiktor Franus
17:20Non native speech recognition using audio style transferKacper Radzikowski
17:30Business process improvement in car insurance using classifiers Adam Smółkowski
17:45Widget detection on screenshots using machine learning algorithmsŁukasz Lepak
18:00Quasar clustering based on their parameterization dataPiotr Wasiewicz
18:15Correction of third generation sequencing errorsPatryk Pankiewicz
18:30Application of Evolutionary Algorithms to DWDM optical networks designStanisław Kozdrowski
18:45Dinner break
20:00Social events & grill
2019-06-01 Saturday
08:30Wilga Student Session
08:30Low-power star tracker for HyperSat platformMichał Kazaniecki
08:45Overview of ARTIQ and Migen - tools for quantum information experimentsJakub Matyas
09:00XMC module for space applicationsIvan Slipukhin
09:15Overview of the measuring systems where a continuously altered light source plays a key role- Part II.Dariusz Litwin
09:30Open source FPGA carrier board with FMC connectors in AMC form factorMichal Gaska
09:45Microprogrammable CMOS sensor reading systemPiotr Puton
10:00Computationally efficient index generation unit using a Bloom filterTomasz Mazurkiewicz
10:15Comprehensive study of light scattering on TiO2 nanoparticles referring to optical coherence tomography single A-scanKatarzyna Kardacz
10:30Redundant alarm communication systemMateusz Szymański
10:40Adaptive RF power delivery systemKarol Sucharski
10:50Introduction to high-voltage amplifier circuitAdam Kołodyński
11:00High Directivity Microstrip Couplers for Impedance TransformingArkadiusz Gołaszewski
11:10Microwave synthesizer for driving ion traps in quantum computingKrzysztof Belewicz
11:20Multi-channel ion trap control module in uTCA standardTomasz Przywózki
11:30Objective EMG Signal Models Comparison for Gait DiagnosticsMonika Selegrat
11:40IPbus TVM in UVVMMichal Kruszewski
11:50Redundant alarm communication systemRafał Radzikowski
12:00Lublin University of Technology session - part 1 - prof. Andrzej Smolarz
12:00The model and simulations of device generating the electromagnetic field in measurements monitoring the vital functions of cultuMagdalena Goździuk
12:15Influence of RES sources on the location of distribution points in the MV networkKarol Sidor
12:30Determination of the activation energy of the relaxation time of the composite cellulose - synthetic ester with a high water ...Konrad Kierczyński
12:45Influence of high temperature annealing on AC electric properties of SiO2 thin layers implanted with In and Sb ionsKarolina Czarnacka
13:00Lunch break
14:00Lublin University of Technology session - part 2 - prof. Andrzej Smolarz
14:00Modeling of the percolation phenomenon of disordered two-dimensional systemsPaweł Okal
14:15AC conductivity activation energy of composite cellulose - synthetic ester MIDEL 7131 - water nanodropsPrzemysław Rogalski
14:30Spectrometric data analysis of a capillary sensor of fuel photo-stability working with high power light emitting diode at 365nmMateusz Gęca
14:45Matching energy prices in power generation systems Konrad Zuchora
15:00Forecasting and evaluation of voltage conditions in a low-voltage power grid with a large share of prosumer installationsKlara Sereja
15:15Defect detection in steel materials using sensors based on fiber Bragg gratingsŁukasz Zychowicz
15:30Analysis of the properties of measuring elongation systems using uniform Bragg gratings as measuring transducersTomasz Zieliński
15:45Lublin University of Technology Poster Session
15:45E-learning as an instrument of improving educational activity of future teachersNataliia I. Lazarenko
15:45Influence of probe pressure on human skin spectrophotometric measurementsMagdalena Michalska
15:45Logic correctness of control algorithms for mechatronic discrete systems with parallel processesOksana S. Hanpantsurova
15:45Thin film capacitors made of various metals for impedance sensing techniqueDawid Zarzeczny
15:45The role of equipotential bondings as a measure of protection against electric shockKarol Sidor
15:45Method of inficators forecasting of biomedical images using a parallel-hierarchical networkRóża Dzierżak
15:45Information technology for creation of semantic structure of educational materialsOlexander V. Barmak
15:45Nanostructure with Periodic Position Dependent Electron Effective MassMukaddas Arshidinova
15:45Mathematical and computer modeling of political elections with a change in the number of electoral subjectsTemur Chilachava
15:45Information technology for evaluation of innovation indicators influence and investment activity on competitiveness of the regioOlha Romanko
15:45High speed buffer devices on the base of push-pull current amplifiersMariusz Duk
15:45Study of the nonstationary processes in the high-speed long load conveyor beltKonrad Gromaszek
15:45Information technology of rating assessment of regional social development estimationIrina I. Nikolina
15:45Hardware implementation of artificial multi-stable neuronal model on FPGA-based architectureYevhen M. Snizhko
15:45Information model of evaluation the efficiency of manager's mobilization in enterprises of innovational sphereLiliia O. Nikiforova
15:45Exploitation of PLC controller to maintain the illuminance of outdoor lighting in the work places at the required levelKarol Sidor
15:45Evaluation of the possibility of using RGB image analysis to co-firing processDaniel Sawicki
15:45The visualization quality improvement method of X-ray images with locally concentrated features (IRMI-Method)Róża Dzierżak
15:45Analysis of wireless network security for data transmission performanceDaniel Sawicki
15:45Synthesis of the process of evaluation of psychophysiological parameters of antarctic winterersRóża Dzierżak
15:45Comparative analysis of packet scheduling algorithms in IPv4 and IPv6 networksDaniel Sawicki
15:45Classification of the Polarization Properties of Polycrystalline Networks of Biological Fluid Films by Statistical, CorrelationVolodymyr D. Mishalov
15:45Information Model for Forecasting of Violation Reparative Osteogenesis of Long BondsYedilkhan Amirgaliyev
15:45Expansion of the Operating Spectral Range of the Optical ProcessorValentin H. Kolobrodov
15:45Modeling the multichannel systems of a goods delivery provided by the unmanned aerial vehiclesYaroslav A. Kulyk
15:45Photoluminescence Properties of ZnSe:Al, ZnSe:Cu Nanoparticles Obtained by Chemical SynthesisAndrzej Kociubiński
15:45Transformation of polygonal description of objects into functional specification based on three-dimensional patches of free formSergey I. Vyatkin
15:45Quality analysis of dermatoscopic images thresholding with malignant melanomaMagdalena Michalska
15:45Method for defining conceptual classes in the description of use casesOleksii Kungurtsev
15:45Parallel multiple blocked methods of bickart typeMagdalena Michalska
15:45Construction medical to cluster in system of development of state-private partnershipMykola I. Nebava
15:45Selection of metals in biomems applicationsDawid Zarzeczny
15:45Determination of activation energy of the relaxation time of the composite cellulose - synthetic ester with a high water contentKonrad Kierczyński
15:45Development and research of a radiomeasuring device with a frequency output signal based on a pyroelectric primary converterMariusz Duk
15:45Jones-Matrix Mapping of Polycrystalline Networks of Layers of Main Types of Amino AcidsAndrzej Kociubiński
16:00 Fiber Bragg Gratings and high speed optical data transmission - FiberTeam WUT - dr inż. Konrad Markowski
16:00Analysis of the inscription imperfections and its influence on the Bragg grating spectral responses Norbert Niderla
16:15Double-sided self-apodization in chirped tapered fiber Bragg gratingsJuliusz Bojarczuk
16:30Numerical analysis of the spectral response of Fibonacci like phase-shifted fiber Bragg gratings Arleta Zarębska
16:45Single carrier PAM-6 O-band transmissionPiotr Araszkiewicz
17:00Superstructure FBGs induction through applying of the pressing forceKatarzyna Czaplińska
17:15Synthesis of quasi-uniform fiber Bragg grating parameters from experimental transmittance using a simplex approach Kacper Wojakowski
17:30Student Poster Session
17:30Research of electrodes for stimulation and measurement life cells during incubationAdam Naguszewski
17:30Synchronization between computation and acquisition parts in the GEM detector based measurement systemPaweł Linczuk
17:30Comparison of IMU mounting to curling stoneBartosz Dzikowski
17:30Investigation of curling stone movementBartosz Dzikowski
17:40Sport events & Table Tennis Competition WILGA 2019
18:30Dinner break & Social events & Grill
2019-06-02 Sunday
10:00Closing Session
10:00Summary of the Wilga Symposiumprof. Ryszard Romaniuk