Double-sided self-apodization in chirped tapered fiber Bragg gratings

In this work a numerical analysis of the group delay response of the Bragg gratings written in tapered fibers is presented. In particular, a structure that is written in fiber that consist of two tapered transitions is considered. Similarly to the single sided self-apodized gratings, a significant reduction of the group delay oscillations occurs due to the expansion of the modal field in the tapered region. Moreover, as a result of the symmetrical shape of the described structure, reduction of these oscillations occurs irrespective of the feeding direction of light. Both, tapered transitions slope and Bragg grating chirp are taken into account in respect to the limitations of the fabrication process.

Authors: Juliusz Bojarczuk*, Jakub Pęksyk, Konrad Markowski
*Corresponding author and speaker

Author: Juliusz Bojarczuk
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