Konferencja: XLII-nd IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium Wilga 2018

2018-06-03 Sunday
17:30Meeting of the Symposium Org. and Tech. Comm.
2018-06-04 Monday
07:55Wilga Opening Session - Introduction to the WILGA 2018 Symposium - prof. Ryszard Romaniuk
08:00Communications and Sensing - prof. Jerzy Siuzdak
08:00Numerical Modeling of transmisiion in Step Index Polymer Optical Fibers Using Matrix Exponential MethodGrzegorz Stepniak
08:15On the modeling of lighting LED dynamic nonlinearityJerzy Siuzdak
08:30Data transmission with 1.3um VCSELŁukasz Chorchos
08:45A hybrid system for an on-site automatic vehicle counting and classification.Grzegorz Wilczewski
09:00„SilentPaths: IoT in the application for moving in silence in urban areas”Olgierd Schoeneich
09:15On designing autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles based on Raspberry PiMateusz Nowak
09:30Stability evaluation of polarization pulling based on stimulated Raman scatteringRobert Cybulski
09:45UAV node design for communication clusterBartlomiej Jakubiec
10:00Channel modeling and characterization for VLC indoor transmission systems based on MMC ray tracing methodMarcin Kowalczyk
10:15Invited Speech Special Session
10:15Some extensions of the Cayley-Hamilton theorem and their applicationsTadeusz Kaczorek
11:15Coffee break
11:30Algorithms for Image Processing and Analysis - prof. Władysław Skarbek
11:30Facial landmarks prediction for mobile applicationsRafał Pilarczyk
11:45Deep Alignment Network - from MIMD to SIMD PlatformKivanc Yuksel
12:00Facial Expressions Recognition by Animated Motion of Candide 3D ModelXin Chang
12:15Personalization of Candide 3D Model for Human Computer InterfacingPutria Febriana
12:30Image Steganography for Increasing Security of OTP AuthenticationAldrin Wilfred
12:45Automated system for student programming tasks evaluationRafał Protasiuk
13:00Color correction by color mapping combined with color temperature constraintsRafał Protasiuk
13:30Lunch break
14:30Wilga Session - prof. Małgorzata Jakubowska
14:30Sensors with potential application in artificial skin structure – reviewŁucja Dybowska-Sarapuk
14:45Carbon nanotube fibers doped with iron via Fenton reaction. Sandra Lepak
15:00Rapid prototyping in Printed ElectronicsBartłomiej Wałpuski
15:15Aerosol jet printed head for printed microscale electronics Jakub Krzeminski
15:30Electrically conductive acrylonitrile butadiene styrene(ABS)/copper composite filament for Fused Deposition ModelingBartłomiej Podsiadły
15:45Common configurations and challenges in screen-printed enzymatic electrochemical biosensorsPiotr Walter
16:00Graphene nano-flakes and carbon nanotubes based sensors via screen printing technology for acetone gases detection. Sandra Lepak
16:15Coffee break
16:30Modeling and simulation for CAD - prof. L. Opalski
16:30Parametric approximation of electrical circutis characteristicsKatarzyna Opalska
16:45Jitter in nonlinearly coupled ring oscillatorsLeszek Opalski
17:00Neuroengineering control and regulation of behavior - prof. Lech Mankiewicz
17:00Wireless optogenetic modules for miceKonstantin Rusakov
17:15Development of automated cage for optogenetic experiments with electromagnetic positioning systemMikołaj Sowiński
18:00Dinner break
20:00Social events & grill
2018-06-05 Tuesday
09:00Wilga Session
10:45Coffee break
11:00Neuroengineering control and regulation of behavior - prof. Lech Mankiewicz
13:00Lunch break
14:30Sensing devices and technology - dr hab. Michał Borecki
14:30Automatic detection of outlier data received in multi-parametric capillary sensors of diesel fuelsMichal Borecki
14:45CuO nanowires film for sensorsR. Diduszko
15:00CuO nanowires sensor of gasesSlawomir Krawczyk
15:15Technology of field effect transistor with DLC layer in gate areaPiotr Firek
15:30Non-invasive method of rim of car wheel examinationMichal Borecki
15:45Geant4 based simulation of the luminescence background from Solar X-ray spectrum in Rotating Drum Spectrometer/SOLPEXAndrzej Makowski
16:00Investigation of cosmic-ray and Solar Energetic Particle background of STIX using GEANT4 simulationJaromir Barylak
16:15Spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements of conductive graft copolymer thin films in gaseous environmentPiotr Kałużyński
16:30FPGA based real time data processing system in PET scannerKarol Farbaniec
16:45Coffee break
17:00Wilga Session
18:00Dinner break
20:00Social events & grill
2018-06-06 Wednesday
08:30Fusion Related Studies Session - prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
08:30Study of Plasma-Wall Interactions using pulsed lasersMonika Kubkowska
08:45Polish involvement in experimental campaigns at European tokamaks in context of plasma impurity studiesAgata Czarnecka
09:00GEM based plasma radiation diagnostics development: design aspects affecting its performance Maryna Chernyshova
09:15Charge cluster identification for multidimensional GEM detector structures Tomasz Czarski
09:30Diagnostic System for Video Concentration ModuleAndrzej Wojeński
09:45Modeling HDL structures in MatlabPiotr Kolasinski
10:00Data dispatching and transmission software for processing measurement data acquired with SXR GEM based systemPaweł Linczuk
10:15The methodology of development of real-time and high-throughput heterogeneous devices for plasma confinement fusion diagnosticsRafał Krawczyk
10:30High Voltage control system for GEM detectorMichał Gąska
10:45Coffee break
11:00High Energy Physics session I - dr inż. Wojciech Zabołotny
11:00Noise Performance Analysis for the Silicon Tracking System Detector and Front-End ElectronicsWeronika Zubrzycka
11:15CRI board for CBM experiment - preliminary studiesWojciech Zabołotny
11:30Readout of a prototype CBM-STS silicon sensor module with STS-XYTERv2 ASICOsnan Maragoto
11:45Test of the front-end electronics for the Silicon Tracking System of the CBM experimentAdrian Rodriguez Rodriguez
12:00WUT and AGH contribution to CBM experimentMarek Guminski
12:15Advanced FPGA-based systems - dr inż. Maciej Linczuk
12:15Implementation of heap sorter with HLSWojciech Zabołotny
12:30HLS compilerRadoslaw Cieszewski
12:45Diagnostic system for Video Concentration ModuleWojciech Zabołotny
13:00Lunch break
14:00Invited Speech Special Session
14:00Do we need ionizing radiation for life?prof. Ludwik Dobrzyński
15:30Coffee break
15:45High Energy Physics session II - prof. Adam Kisiel
15:45MPD Collaboration activities for JINR DubnaAdam Kisiel
16:15Muon trigger concept for MPD detector at NICA experimentMaciej Linczuk
16:30Puzzles in statistical hadron-gas treatment of systems created in proton-proton interactions at CERN SPSViktor Begun
16:45Prospects for improving top-quark mass measurement precision at future $e^{+} e^{-}$ colliders.Kacper Nowak
17:00CMS presentation IKarol Pijanowski
17:15CMS presentation IIMichał Olszewski
17:30CMS presentation IIIMarek Walczak
18:00Dinner break
18:30Analysis of Fractional Electrical Circuit Using Caputo and Conformable Fractional Derivative DefinitionsEwa Piotrowska
18:30Cheap Quartz Crystal Microbalance humidity sensors based on Nafion® as sensing component.Grzegorz Adamski
18:30Long-term stability measurements of conductive graft copolymer thin films Kacper Gworek
19:00Poster Session - Monitoring, simulation and machining processes
19:00High-speed camera application in the analysis of the chip flow directionGrzegorz Struzikiewicz
19:00Analysis of the material model to simulation of the machining processŁukasz Ślusarczyk
19:00Determination and analysis of friction coefficient during turning a cylindrical workpiece made of stainless steelŁukasz Ślusarczyk
19:00Temperature distribution in the machining zone during precise turning of NiTi alloyMałgorzata Kowalczyk
19:00Simulation of burr formation during machining: case studyWojciech Zębala
19:00Correlation of cutting forces measurements and high-speed camera registration in the analysis of the chip breaking processGrzegorz Struzikiewicz
19:00The using of thermal–imaging technique to evaluate the temperature field of handAndrzej Matras
19:00Application of the Monte Carlo Method for the optimization of surface roughness during precise turning of NiTi shape memoryMałgorzata Kowalczyk
20:00Social events & grill
2018-06-07 Thursday
08:00Invited Speech Special Session
08:00Solaris, accelerator and beamlinesprof. Marek Stankiewicz
09:00POLFEL and SOLARIS session - dr Robert Nietubyć
09:00Solaris XAS/PEEM beamlineMarcin Zając
09:15Solaris UARPES beamline - angular resolved photoemissionNatalia Olszowska
09:30Solaris PHELIX beamline - photoemissionMagdalena Szczepanik
09:45Solaris beam dynamics and diagnosticsAdriana Wawrzyniak
09:50Polfel beam dynamicsMarcin Staszczak
10:15Coffee break
10:45Accelerator instrumentation - dr Robert Nietubyć
10:45Solaris RF systemPaweł Borowiec
11:00PolFEL LLRF systemJarosław Szewiński
11:15PolFEL photoinjector laser systemPaweł Czuma
11:30Pb photocathode surface shapingRobert Nietubyć
11:45PolFEL THZ beamlineRorbert Pałka
12:00PolFEL biophysical IR end-stationJarosław Poznański
12:30Discussion: machine development and experimental capabilities at > accelerator based light sourcesRobert Nietubyc
13:00Lunch break
13:45Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics - dr Robert Nowak
13:45Application of bioinformatic techniques for protein interaction analysisJowita Grzędzicka
14:00iGAP: A scalable solution for genomic variants analysisAgnieszka Szmurło
14:15Common CNVs detection by artificial intelligence methodsWiktor Kuśmirek
14:45Implementation of a hybrid algorithm for generating scaffoldsWiktor Franus
15:00De novo genome assembly for third generation sequencing dataMateusz Forc
15:10De novo DNA assembler for third generation sequencers’ reads based on BLASR algorithmMichał Winiarski
15:20Comparison of bioinformatics programs for the single nucleotide variants analysisAgnieszka Skarzyńska
15:30The construction of genomic libraries in BAC chromosomes, its practical application and bioinformatic usageMaciej Kiełek
15:45Coffee break
16:00Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics - dr Robert Nowak
16:00Exploiting random perturbations to defend against adversarial attacksPaweł Zawistowski
16:15Anomaly Detection in Discussion Forum Posts using Global VectorsPawel Cichosz
16:30Differences that Make a Difference: Comparing Selected Optimization Algorithms in R LanguageRafał Biedrzycki
16:45Comparison of deep neural network fooling methods on the accuracy of classificationWitold Oleszkiewicz
17:00Extractive summarization of english, general purpose web pagesMarek Kozłowski
17:15Audio style transfer in non native speech recognitionKacper Radzikowski
17:25Heuristic hyperparameter optimization for neural networksŁukasz Neumann
17:35Multimodal Social Media Video Classification with Deep Neural NetworksTomasz Trzcinski
17:50Quasar parallel parametrizationPiotr Wąsiewicz
18:00Dinner break
18:30Dependable computing - prof. Janusz Sosnowski
18:30Correlating software metrics with software defectsJanusz Sosnowski
18:45Tracing project development in SCRUM modelBartosz Dobrzyński
19:00Instruction Trace Analysis and Enhanced Debugging in Embedded SystemsKazimierz Krosman
19:15Evaluating energy consumption on wireless sensor networkAdam Kozłowski
19:30Concurrent frequent item sets mining in a shared prefix tree using the Apriori algorithmMarek Puścian
19:45Dependability issues of parallel programming in measurement systemsPiotr Gawkowski
21:00Social events & grill
2018-06-08 Friday
08:30Cybersecurity - dr Andrzej Skorupski
08:30Remote attack scenario for compromising an IoT device based on AVR-core microcontrollerKrzysztof Cabaj
08:45A family of modified Rijndael like ciphersTomasz Adamski
09:00Novel algorithm for symmetric encryptionAndrzej Skorupski
09:15Symmetrical block encoder based on reversible circuitsMarek Pawłowski
09:30TRNG based on VCO dynamicsTomasz Adamski
09:45Applications of Walsh-Hadamard transform to cryptographyGrzegorz Kłosiński
10:00Systolic circuits for primality testing based on the Miller-Rabin algorithmTomasz Adamski
10:15Software-Defined Anti-DDoS – Is It the Next Step?Jacek Wytrębowicz
10:30Statistical properties of subkeys generators in modified AES ciphersGrzegorz Kłosiński
10:45Coffee break
11:00Metrology and Measurement Systems - dr Wojciech Walendziuk
13:00Lunch break
14:00Metrology and Automation Systems - dr Wojciech Walendziuk
14:00Measurement of wear level of Qubitron II grinding wheels with using 3D Vision systemAndrzej Sioma
14:15Design of an automated rice grain sorting system using a vision system.Arkadiusz Nitka
14:30Quality control automation of electric cables using machine visionPaweł Kwiek
14:45Automatisation of workspace control based on ToF technologyJarosław Adamczyk
15:00Development of an automated quality control system of confectionery using a vision systemKatarzyna Parkot
15:15Luminescent Materials for Photonic Applications - dr Jacek Żmojda
15:15Thermal and mechanical properties of bioactive glass fibers for nanocompositesAgata Baranowska
15:30Effect of alkali content on spectroscopic properties of Er/Ag co-doped antimony-germanate glassesTomasz Ragiń
15:45Colorimetric characterization of the tunable LED-based light source at the output of the mixing rodŁukasz Gryko
16:00Luminescence properties of antimony modified germanate oxide glass doped with Eu3+, Er3+ and Dy3+ ionsRenata Jadach
16:15Coffee break
17:00Adaptive Communication and Signal Processing Systems - prof. Anatoliy Platonov
17:00Unsolved problems of applied information theoryAnatoliy Platonov
17:15Metrolological Charactrerisics in Adaptive Communication Systems DesignIevgen Zaitsev
18:00Dinner break
18:30Analysis of feasibility and capabilities of RTLS systems in tourism industry Mirosław Płaza
18:30Multi-Layers High Directivity CouplersArkadiusz Gołaszewski
18:30Development of the Construction Sketch of N - Channel MOS - Phototransistor with Bilateral Illumination of Channel and OperationAndrzej Kociubiński
18:30Optimization of the selection of partition points in the MV networkKarol Sidor
18:30 Probabilistic in power engineeringKarol Sidor
18:30Modeling and Simulation of Nichrome Microheater on Polycarbonate SubstrateTomasz Lizak
18:30Integrated visitor support system for touristm industry based on IoT technologiesRadosław Belka
18:30A New Preparation Method of Rutile-anatase TiO2 Coatings for Photocatalytic ApplicationJustyna Kęczkowska
18:30Optical Studies of Nanocrystalline and Amorphous TiO2 Thin Films Deposited by Hitus TechniqueAndrzej Kociubiński
18:30Analysis of parallel computational models for clusteringMałgorzata Płaza
18:30Effect of biodegradation on spectroscopic properties of Sm3+ doped 45S5 bioglassAgata Baranowska
18:30Mobile robot to create a room mapMagdalena Goździuk
18:30Determination of nanocapillaries radii statistical distribution in electrotechnical pressboardPrzemysław Rogalski
18:30Fiber optic sensor for measuring currents with mains frequenciesMariusz Ginter
18:30Influence of high temperature annealing on dielectric properties of InSb-SiO2 thin layersKarolina Czarnacka
18:30Modeling of dielectric to metal conduction transition in nanocomposites, by using high voltage dischargePaweł Okal
18:30Optical Absorption of Sandwich Structure “(Ag3AsS3)0.6(As2S3)0.4 Thin Film - Gold Nanoparticles” Prepared by Pulse Laser DepositAndrzej Kociubiński
18:30The influence of temperature on the AC conductivity of a composite pressboard – synthetic ester – water nanoparticlesKonrad Kierczyński
18:30Multi-Domain Model for Simulating Smart IoT-Based Theme ParksPaweł Pięta
18:30Hoping conductance in nanocomposites (FeCoZr)x(SiO2)(100-x) produced in mixed Ar and O2 atmosphereVitalii Bondariev
19:00Semiconductor Process Technologies - Przemysław Rogalski
19:00Design and technology of copper comb capacitorsMaciej Szypulski
19:15Design and technology of titanium comb capacitorDawid Zarzeczny
19:30Characterization of HgCdTe photodiode with a strengthened passivationAleksandra Pedryc
19:45Technology of HgCdTe photodiode with a strengthened passivationAgnieszka Martychowiec
20:00Multiparametric capillary sensor – stabilization of local heatingMateusz Gęca
21:00Social events & grill
2018-06-09 Saturday
09:00Measurment, detection, control and diagnostics session -
09:00Multifractal spectra qualification of flame luminosity waveforms from of industrial boiler burners Andrzej Smolarz
09:15Analysis of vertebrae segmentation methods in computed tomography imagesRóża Dzierżak
09:30Correction of dynamic characteristics of temperature measuring devices Oksana Boyko
09:45Application of a statically configured FPGA in the digital control system of the NQR radio spectrometerAndriy Samila
10:00Determining of combustion process state based on optical flow flame image sequencesDaniel Sawicki
10:15Analysis of the detection of welded jointsŁukasz Zychowicz
10:30Selected applications of Fourier Transform in the diagnostics of coal dust combustion processŻaklin Grądz
10:45Temperature-independent fiber Bragg grating strain sensor systemPatryk Panas
11:00Coffee break
11:15Wilga Student Session - dr Grzegorz Kasprowicz
11:30RF signal distributionMiłosz Malczak
11:45Determination of sanitary sewer pipe use in day by audio recording analysis.Krzysztof Danielewski
12:00Averaged EMG signal models obtained in cyclic processesMonika Selegrat
12:15Implementation of a Wearable Device to Monitor and Track Status of Elderly PeopleZbigniew Wawrzyniak
12:30Absolute calibration of LIBS dataWojciech Gromelski
12:45BLDC controller with bluetooth interfaceIgor Zamora
13:00Lunch break
17:00Table Tennis Competition WILGA 2018
18:00Dinner break
19:00Student party & grill
2018-06-10 Sunday
10:00Closing Session
10:00Summary of the Wilga Symposiumprof. Ryszard Romaniuk