Konferencja: XLVI-th IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium Wilga 2020

2020-08-31 Monday
09:55Wilga Opening Session - Introduction to the WILGA 2020 Symposium - prof. Ryszard Romaniuk
10:00High Energy Physics Session - dr inż. Andrzej Wojeński
10:00Development of firmware for CBM experiment with AGWB control interface managerWojciech Zabołotny
10:15Two-particle angular correlations of mesons and baryons measured in ALICEKrystian Głuchowski
10:30Kaon-proton femtoscopy in Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC.Wioleta Rzęsa
10:45The new analysis framework at the ALICE experimentMaja Kabus
11:00Collective dynamics in relativistic nuclear collisions studied with ALICE at the LHCAnna Kawęcka
11:15Radiation monitoring of the Slow Control electronic equipment of the NICA-MPD detector.Aleksandr Bancer
11:30Analog front end control software in NICA experiment.Piotr Kolasiński
11:45Probing the interaction of gravity and antimatter and the limits of electromagnetic and nuclear forces at the AEgIS experimentGeorgy Kornakov
12:00Coffee break
12:15High Energy Physics Session - dr hab. inż. Hanna Zbroszczyk
12:15Adaptation of the THERMINATOR model for the BES programHanna Zbroszczyk
12:30Effect of momentum resolution correction on pion-kaon femtoscopyPaweł Szymański
12:45Femtoscopy of particles with strange quarkDiana Pawłowska
13:00HBT with EPOS modelMaria Stefaniak
13:15Femtoscopy in CBM experiment.Daniel Wielanek
13:30Particle identification using machine learning at the HADES experimentMateusz Wasiluk
13:45Flow correction for 1.23 A GeV Au+Au collisions at the HADES experimentMateusz Grunwald
14:00Basic charged pion analysis from Ag+Ag at 1.58 AGeV at GSI/HADES experimentJędrzej Szewczyk
14:15Estimation of possibility of femtoscopic measurements of identical and non-identical particle combination pairs in CBM Wioletta Borzym Zuzanna Gnutek
14:30Lunch break
15:00Lublin University of Technology Poster Session - prof. Andrzej Smolarz
15:00Polarization-phase diagnostics of volume of blood lossAnna Syvokorovskaya
15:00NIR spectroscopy for automated grain analyzersViktor Yehorov
15:00Diagnostics of the prescriptions of death by a method of azimuthally-invariant Mueller-matrix microscopyAlexander G. Ushenko
15:00Energy resolution of dual-channel opto-electronic surveillance systemIgor Chyzh
15:00The tracking system of a three-dimensional position of hand movement for tremor detectionKarina G. Selivanova
15:00Optical system recognition via topological methodsYuriy S. Kurskoy
15:00A function-based approach to real-time visualization using graphics processing unitsSergey I. Vyatkin
15:00Optoelectronic multispectral device for determining the state of peripheral blood circulationTatiana I. Kozlovska
15:00Qprocessors for realtime image processingLeonid I. Timchenko
15:00Temperature Studies of Optical Absortpion Edge in (Ag2S)x(As2S3)1-x (x<0.2) Superionic GlassesIhor P. Studenyak
15:00Optical Absorption Studiies of (Ga0.1In0.9)2Se3 Thin FilmIhor P. Studenyak
15:00Classification of the polarization properties of polycrystalline networks of biological fluid filmsVolodymyr D. Mishalov
15:00Fluorescent microscopy of biological tissues of the dead with the different levels of blood lossOlexander Ushenko
15:00Open system for measuring the chemiluminescence of crop seedsAleksandr D. Cherenkov
15:30Wilga Poster Session - dr inż. Maciej Linczuk
15:30Wireless Sensor Systems on paper substrate for needs of Indystry 4.0Krzysztof Hackiewicz
15:30A simple detection method of movement of clouds at the skyMichal Borecki
16:00BIO-7/9/10 Poster Session - prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
16:00Video signals integrator prototype systemKrzysztof Poźniak
16:00Concept of the simulation platform architecture for the operational data aggregation platformDariusz Mielnik
16:00Concept of the Innovative System for Detecting Hidden People in Transport (ISDHPT)Daniel Waszak
16:00MESH concept for mobile distribution point architecture of ICT infrastructureAndrzej Grabowski
16:00The data-based methodology for crime forecasting systemZbigniew Wawrzyniak
2020-09-01 Tuesday
10:00Wilga Regular Session - dr hab. inż. Wojciech Zabołotny
10:00Teaching electronics in time of disease - virtual lab for Linux in embedded systemsWojciech Zabołotny
10:15Temporal Convolution Unit for Audio-visual emotion recognitionXin Chang
10:30Safe and reusable approach for pin to port assignment in multiboard FPGA designsMichal Kruszewski
10:45Simulations of the device generating the electromagnetic field in the research of the vital functions of cultured cellsAleksandra Wilczyńska
11:30Coffee break and discussion panel
12:00Wilga Regular Session Session - dr inż. Maciej Linczuk
12:00Current trends in ship detection in spaceborne synthetic aperture radar imageryJerzy Stefanowicz
12:15Low-budget passive locating system for IoT applications: analysis and implementation.Piotr Araszkiewicz
12:30 Modelling of Light Emitting Diodes nonlinear characteristics with Artificial Neural NetworksMarcin Kowalczyk
12:45Interferometric sensor with full diamond protection of the measurement headKamil Jarmołowicz
13:00Investigation of refractive indices of liquids by interferometer with nitrogen-doped diamond film as a mirrorSandra Pawłowska
13:15Ti and TiAl-based ohmic contacts to 4H-SiCAgnieszka Martychowiec
14:00Lunch break
14:30Signal Processing Session - dr hab. Konrad Jędrzejewski
14:30LOFAR station beamforming simulator for nedds of passive radiolocationAleksander Droszcz
14:45Experimental comparison of photoplethysmography-based atrial fibrillation detection methods using machine learningSzymon Buś
15:00Experimental studies on the possibility of people verification using few frontal EEG derivationsRenata Plucińska
15:30Coffee break and discussion panel
16:00Vision Systems Session - prof. Andrzej Sioma
16:00Geometry and resolution in triangulation vision systemsAndrzej Sioma
16:15Tree-ring growth measurements automation using machine visionBartosz Lenty
16:30Designing of industrial illuminators for vision measurement systems.Justyna Waśniowska
16:45Measurements of the geometrical parameters of the product using 3D imagingMarta Bartoszko
17:00Determination of the position and orientation of objects using 3D imagingKamil Szpunar
17:15Measurement of thread parameters using a vision system.Wiktor Łęczek
17:30Design of a positioner for robotic control and measuring stationsMaciej Bajor
18:00Plasma and fusion Related Studies Session - dr inż. Andrzej Wojeński
18:00Zero-Suppression Trigger Mode in the Charge Signal SequencerPiotr Kolasiński
18:15GEM FPGA soft X-ray measurement system verification features for on-site validationAndrzej Wojeński
18:30Improvements in FPGA GEM SXR measurement systemPaweł Linczuk
19:00Summary of the Wilga 2020 Symposium - prof. Ryszard Romaniuk