Konferencja: XXXII-th IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium Wilga 2013

2013-05-26 Sunday
17:30Meeting of the Symposium Org. and Tech. Comm.Maciej Linczuk
2013-05-27 Monday
09:30Opening Session - prof. Ryszard Romaniuk
09:30Introduction to IEEE-SPIE-PSP WILGA 2012 SymposiumRyszard Romaniuk
09:45Learning systems, theory and engineering applications - dr Stanislaw Jankowski
09:45UAS Imaging for Archaeological Survey and DocumentationS.Esposito, P.Fallavollita, M.Balsi, S.Jankowski
10:00Active learning of neural networks based on PRESS statisticsG. Cuesta Basseda, C. Rio Carillo, X. Vilasis Card
10:15Application of PRESS statistics for semi-supervised learningZ.Szymański
10:30LRAAM learning algorithmJ.Węcławski
10:45Implementation aspects of Graph Neural NetworksA.Barcz, S.Jankowski
11:00Implementation of Neural Networks in NVIDIA Cuda architectureA.Dąbrowski
11:15Restricted Boltzmann Machine for information compressionT.Orłowski
11:30Coffee break
12:00New Measurement Capabilities at ISE ZUiAMP. Barmuta, A. Lewandowski, W. Wiatr, K. Czuba
12:30Software Framework for Solving Inverse Problems in Microwave Metrology: Concept and development statusM.Kotz et al.
13:00Lunch break
14:00Special Session on Knowledge Discovery from Medical Data-Bases - prof. J.Mulawka
14:00Expanding First-Order Predicate Language With Modal Operator for ChangeabilityKordula Świętorzecka
14:15An Examination of Classical Theodicy Using Formal Concept AnalysisMarek Porwolik, Piotr Orzeszek
14:30Some Epistemic Logics With Non-standard SemanticsJanusz Wesserling
14:45The DNA assembler for Next Generation SequencersJan Twardowski, Robert Nowak
15:00Another system rule inference based on DNA molecule logic gatesPiotr Wąsiewicz
15:15CUDA aided search in massive databases for weak line quasarsPiotr Wąsiewicz
16:30Head of bed elevation recorder for Intensive Care UnitWojciech Zabołotny
16:45Coffee break
17:00Space Related Technologies Session - dr Piotr Orleanski
17:00A space radiation induced transient fault propagation probability assessment in fuzzy-logic domain conceptA. Cichocki
17:15Dynamic partial reconfiguration of FPGA device - reliability model analysisR. Graczyk
17:30Ground station for BRITE-PL constellationM. Stolarski
17:45Telemetry beacon for Polish payload on BRITE-PL-2 satelliteG. Woźniak
18:00Dinner break
19:00Optical Fiber session - doc. K. Jędrzejewski
19:00Modeling of fiber Bragg gratings written in thermally tapered optical fibersK.Markowski, T.Osuch
19:15Optical microphone based on Sagnac interferometer with polarization maintaining optical fibersK.Markowski, J.Turkiewicz, T.Osuch
19:30Validation of the automated system for spectral and dispersion measurement of fiber Bragg gratings and optical fibersD.Herman, T.Osuch, T.Kossek
19:45Review on developments in LIS (Laser Ion Source) at the IPPLM and its possible applications in photonicsP.Gąsior
20:00Can ICAN can CERN into a canP.Gąsior
20:15Spectral transmission characteristics of weakly tilted and tilted-chirped Bragg gratingsT.Osuch, T.Jurek, K.Jędrzejewski
20:30Social events & grill
2013-05-28 Tuesday
08:30High Energy Physics Day, part 1 - prof. Krzysztof Pozniak
08:30Implementation of a PCIe-SerDes-DDR3 communications in a multi FPGA data acquisition systemAdrian Byszuk
08:45Heavy Stable Charged Particles search by RPC system at CMS detector at LHC accelerator at CERNAgnieszka Zagoździńska
09:00Firmware development status for GEM-2D electronicsAndrzej Wojenski
09:15Control electronics for Multileaf Collimator for Colline AcceleratorNarcyz Kielar
09:30Beam dynamical simullations on superconducting cavity modelTomasz Wasiewicz
09:45Linac and undulator concepts for PolfelRobert Nietubyć
10:00Approach to LLRF for PolfelJarek Szewiński
10:15Pb superconducting photocathodes, preparation and performanceJerzy Lorkiewicz, Robert Nietubyć
10:30Integrated combined magnets for Max IV 1.5 GeV and Solaris synchrotronsRobert Nietubyc
10:45Optimized Ethernet transmission of acquired data from FPGA to embedded systemWojciech Zabołotny
11:00Coffee break
11:15Embedded controller for GEM detector data acquisition systemWojciech Zabołotny
11:30ALICE: the heavy-ion experiment at the CERN/LHCLukasz Graczykowski
11:45Highlights from the ALICE ExperimentMalgorzata Janik
12:00Advances in Conformal Radiotherapy Using Monte Carlo Code to Design New IMRT and IORT Accelerators and Interpret CT NumbersAnna Wysocka-Rabin
12:20Monte Carlo Design, Dosimetry and Radiation Protection Studies for a New Mobile Electron Accelerator for IORTA. Wysocka-Rabin, P. Adrich, A. Wasilewski
13:00Lunch break
14:00High Energy Physics Day, part 2 - prof. Piotr Malecki
14:00Higgs boson discovery and searches for New Physics at CMSMałgorzata Kazana
14:30Jet measurements at CMSMaciek Misiura
14:45Tethered Forth system for FPGA applicationsWojciech Zabołotny
15:00TIARA projectPiotr Malecki
15:30ALFA Detector, Timing, Trigger - Experiment ATLAS / LHCKrzysztof Korcyl
16:003D modeling of enhanced superconducting cable insulationDariusz Bocian
16:30Tests of the cold magnets, cavities and cryomodules for the European XFELAndrzej Kotarba
17:30CCB - Cyclotron Centre Bronowice, cyclotrons Proteus and AIC140Konrad Guguła
18:00Design of a positioning system for soft-docking of an intraoperative electron acceleratorRafał Soboń
18:15Plasma diagnostics for JETJacek Rzadkiewicz
18:30Dinner break
19:30Special lecture: Life emerges out of chaos - prof. Jerzy Grębosz
19:45High performance circuit simulation - prof. Leszek Opalski
19:45Mixed Algorithm for Time-domain Simulation of ICs with Lossy, Nondispersive InterconnectsJ. Ogrodzki
20:00Efficient MATLAB simulation of the brusselatorKatarzyna Opalska
20:15On SODE assisted analysis of deep metastability Leszek Opalski
20:30Efficient solving of large differential equations set in parallel Matlab environmentKatarzyna Opalska
20:45Global optimization of a broadband VNA calibration problemLeszek Opalski
21:00The evening grill & movie session
21:00We explore the mysteries of DNAJerzy Grębosz
21:20Proton therapy of the eyeball cancerJerzy Grębosz
2013-05-29 Wednesday
08:30Pi of the Sky session - prof. L.Mankiewicz
08:30Pi of the Sky robotic telescopesArkadiusz Cwiek
09:00Photometric analysis of Pi of the Sky data.Rafal Opiela
09:20Background rejection algorithms for Pi of the SkyŁukasz Obara
09:40The first release and preliminary analysis of Pi of the Sky data in R filterMalgorzata Siudek
10:00Short period variables - theoretical background.Agnieszka Majczyna
10:20Prompt searches for optical signal from gravitational wave transients with Pi of the SkyAdam Zadrożny
10:40The GLORIA demonstrator experimentAriel Majcher
11:00"Pi of the Sky Plus" - The evolution of the "Pi of the Sky" projectMarcin Zaremba
11:30Coffee break
11:45Carbon-palladium nanostructures session - prof. M.Suchańska
11:45Properties of the carbon-palladium nanocomposites studied by Raman spectroscopy methodMałgorzata Suchańska, Radoslaw Belka
12:00NIR-Vis-UV permittivity of nanoporous C-Pd thin films determined using spectroscopic ellipsometryA.Wronkowska, G.Czerniak, A.Wronkowski, E.Czerwosz
12:15Analysis of optical properties of carbon-palladium nanostructures using effective medium theoryRadosław Belka
12:30Modelling of optical characteristics of nanocomposite C-Pd thin films by the method of single expressionHovik Baghdasaryan
12:45Structucral changes brought by hydrogen absorption studied with in situ x-ray diffractionRyszard Diduszko, Robert Nietubyć
13:00Lunch break
14:00Adaptive Transmitting and Signal Processing Systems - prof. A Płatonov
14:00Duality of information theory: two theories in oneA. Platonov
14:15Influence of foreseen conditions of application on designing of optimal adaptive AFCSA. Platonov. Ie. Zaitzev
14:30Consideration of components imperfections in new digitally assisted sub-ranging A/D convertersK. Jędrzejewski
14:45Reduction of influence of the amplifiers setting errors on the performance of adaptive ADCŁ. M. Małkiewicz
15:00Coffee break
15:15Photonic devices constructions and applications - dr hab. M.Borecki
15:15In ovo model as a promising tool for cancer researchK.Urbańska, M.Szmidt, M.Borecki
15:30Large area transparent in visible range silicon carbide photodiodeM.Borecki, A.Kociubiński, M.Duk, N.Kwietniwski, M.
15:45Technology and characterization of 4H-SIC p-i-n diodesM.Masłyk, A.Kociubiński, M.Duk, N.Kwietniewski, M.
16:00Design, modeling and simulation of MEMS pressure sensorsM.Gęca, A.Kociubiński
16:15Development of a simple, low-cost L-band erbium doped fiber amplifierA.Golba, K.Anders, R.Piramidowicz
16:30Optimization of tapering processes of multi-mode optical fibersM.Słowikowski, M.Myśliwiec, K.Welikow, R.Piramidow
16:45Design and development of a 4-channel WDM transmitter in photonic integration technologyM.Nawrot, P.Gdula, S.Stopiński, R.Piramidowicz
17:00Er:ZBLAN glasses for applications in short wavelength fiber lasersP.Andrejuk, K.Anders, R.Piramidowicz
18:00Dinner break
19:00Active Optical Materials, Fibers and Applications - prof. Dominik Dorosz
19:00Effect of temprerature on upconversion luminescence i Yb3+/Tm3+ codoped antimony-germanate glassKarol Czajkowski
19:15Optical fibre temperature sensor based on fluorescein and rhodamine codoped polymer layerPiotr Miluski
19:30Temperature characteristics of p-n junction high power LEDs in the typical operating conditionsMaciej Zajkowski
19:45Development of multi touch panel backlight systemJulian Chomiczewski
20:00Visible emission in Sm3+ and Tb3+ doped phosphate glass excited by UV radiationJacek Żmojda
20:15Analysis of upconversion luminescence in Yb3+/Er3+ co-doped tellurite optical fiberWojciech Mazerski
20:30Diagnostic set to carrying out irradiation in Low Level Laser Therapy proceduresŁukasz Gryko
21:00Social events & grill
2013-05-30 Thursday
10:00Official day off from work - a public holiday
11:00Social events
16:00Multimedia Systems and Applications - prof. W.Skarbek
16:00Quantization Selection in the High-Throughput H.264/AVC Encoder Based on the RD Grzegorz Pastuszak
16:15Bitrate estimation for P-type frames in rate controll processMichał Wieczorek
16:30Bit allocation algorithms in MPEG-4 AAC EncodersGrzegorz Brzuchalski
16:45Disparity map estimation using image pyramidMikołaj Roszkowski
17:00Content Based Music Information Retrieval Based On Topic ModelsGrzegorz Gwardys
17:15Active Appearance Models evaluation in varying background conditionsMarek Kowalski
17:30Linear Discriminant Analysis for Faces Recognition - Comparison of Subspace Approach with Regularization MethodDaniel Grzywczak
17:45Analysis of Brown camera distortion modelArtur Nowakowski
18:00Dinner break
19:00Social events & grill
2013-05-31 Friday
08:00Special session of invited papers
08:00Welcome from the Host, Introduction to the Sessionprof. Ryszard Romaniuk
08:05Address from the Dean of FE&TI WUTprof. Krzysztof Zaremba
08:10Address from the Dean of EE WUTprof. Lech Grzesiak
08:15Positive Fractional Linear Circuitsprof. Tadeusz Kaczorek
09:00Optical fiber research at Białystok University of Technologyprof. Jan Dorosz
09:20Institute of Electronics and IT at Lublin University of Technologyprof. Waldemar Wojcik
09:40Research Activities at Faculty of Mechatronics WUTprof. Natalia Golnik
10:00Photonics at Faculty of Physics WUTprof. Mirosław Karpierz
10:20Research activities at Faculty of Chemistry WUTprof. Zbigniew Brzózka
10:40Activities at the MINI WUTprof. Irmina Herburdt
11:00Profesor Grzegorz Rozenberg - Portret polskiego uczonegoprof. Jerzy Szabatin, prof. Henryk Rybiński
11:20Coffee break
11:40Nanomaterial Research at Kielce University of Technologyprof. Małgorzata Suchańska
12:00Photonics at Wrocław University of Technologyprof. Elżbieta Bereś-Pawlik
12:20Research Activities at IRE WUTprof. Wiesław Winiecki
12:40Vortex Flow Meter Designing - Numerical Simulation or Laboratory Investigations?prof. Grzegorz Pankanin
13:00Microwave Research at ISE WUTprof. Adam Abramowicz
13:20Photoacoustic Research at ISE WUTprof. Tomasz Starecki
13:40Microsystems and Sensors Research at ISE WUTprof. Jerzy Weremczuk
14:00Electronics for HEP at IRE WUTprof. Janusz Marzec
14:20Electronics for HEP at ISE WUTprof. Krzysztof Poźniak
14:40Lunch break
15:30Wilga regular session part 1
15:30Research activities in PERGGrzegorz Kasprowicz
16:00Model of data gathering and agregation in socio-medical studies and trialsZ.Wawrzyniak, D.Paczesny
16:15SphinX: X-Ray Spectrophotometer of the Satellite Experiment CORONAS-PHOTON. Miroslaw Kowalinski
16:30Digital stethoscope system – the feasibility of cardiac auscultationKatarzyna Pariaszewska
16:45Hardware simulator of Caliste detectors for STIX instrumentPiotr Podgorski
17:00Design and construction of the Artificial Patient module for testing bioimpedance measuring devicesMarcel Młyńczak
17:15The effect of body weight and posture on acceleration of platform vibrating plateRoksana Kozłowska
18:00Dinner break
19:00Cryptography session - prof. T.Adamski
19:00Properties of Some Different Sorting Systolic and Semisystolic CircuitsT.Adamski
19:15Low-power cryptographic coprocessor for autonomous wireless sensor networksJakub Olszyna
19:30True Random Number Generators Based on the Ergodic Theorem and VCO DynamicsT.Adamski
19:45Hardware random number generator base on monostable multivibrators dedicated for distributed measurement and control systemsPaweł Czernik
20:00Systolic Circuits for Cryptographic ApplicationsT.Adamski
20:15Data encryption and authentication methods for autonomous wireless sensor networksJakub Olszyna
20:30Systolic Circuits for Primality Testing Based on the Miller-Rabi AlgorithmT.Adamski
20:45Probability of Message Unconcealing in Public Key Cryptographic SystemsT.Adamski
21:00Fast Hardware Solutions for Primitive Root Computations in Multiplicative GroupsT.Adamski, T.Owczarek
21:15Light Cryptographic Algorithms and Circuits for Low Power Sensor NetworksT.Adamski, W.Winiecki
21:30Social events & grill
2013-06-01 Saturday
09:00PERG session part 2
09:00Control system for omni-dirctional drive mobil robotAdam Szewczyk
09:15FMC module with DSP processorsPiotr Zdunek
10:30Review of parallel processing methods and tools. Radoslaw Cieszewski
10:45Automatic configuration software for modular measurement systemsAndrzej Wojenski
11:00Coffee break
11:15PERG session part 3
11:15Hardware for 3D smart cameraFilip Świtakowski
11:30Software for Trajectory Measurement System for particle acceleratorPaweł Zienkiewicz
11:45High Performance Computing for space applicationsJarosław Piórkowski
12:00Wideband, fast analog front-end for photomultiplier tubesStefan Korolczuk
12:15High Performance Computing for space applications Bartłomiej Rypina
12:30Omnidirectional video camera - Zynq SOCMarek Burza
13:00Lunch break
14:00PERG session part 4
14:00High speed Analog Front End for GEM detectorMikołaj Jamroży
14:15Diagnostic and management system for MAST magnetsBartek Juszczyk
14:30USB soundcard for people with hearing lossMarcin Szczerba
16:00Coffee break
16:15PERG session part 5
16:45Open Source Serial RapidIO FPGA firmwarePiotr Miedzik
17:00The world of micro and nanoparticles under the microscope obserwationEmilia Janiszewska
17:15Diagnostic equipment for fuel injection systems in Diesel enginesRobert Tarnawski
17:30 A new construction of measurement system based on specialized microsystem design for laryngological applicationDaniel Paczesny
17:45Noisy signal parameter robust estimation in radar applicationsZ.Gajo, M.Linczuk
18:00Dinner break
19:00Social events & grill
2013-06-02 Sunday
10:30Social events
13:30Lunch break
15:30Closing Session