Konferencja: Winter XXXIX-th Wilga Symposium

2017-01-28 Saturday
09:00Student Session part1
09:00Introduction to Wilga Symposiumprof. R. Romaniuk
09:10Smart home with the Wi-Fi moduleMariusz Profecki
09:20BLDC Motor driver with computer interfaceMaciej Urda
09:30Executive module of intelligent energy management systemTomasz Kowalczyk
09:40FMC module with MIL-STD-1553B and SpaceWire transceiversIvan Slipukhin
09:50 Virtual JTAG interface as a medium for FPGA analysisŁukasz Ostrowski
10:00Indoor localization system using Software Defined RadioKrystian Wąsik
10:10New Magnetic Localization System for Optogenic ExperimentMikołaj Sowiński
10:20Measurement system for contact thermographyHubert Zadroga
10:30Coffee break
11:00Student Session part2
11:10Measurements and control system for quantum computingMichał Gąska
11:20Muon trigger in CMS experiment at CERNAdrian Byszuk
11:30Control and data acquisition system for Optogenetic ExperimentJakub Jarosiński
11:40Data acquisition system for GEM-2D detector in uTCA standardTomasz Przywózki
11:50Driver module for quantum computer - KasliPaweł Kulik
12:00Control interface and low latency algorithms feasibility study for hot plasma diagnosticsPaweł Linczuk
12:10Lunch break
12:30Student Session part3
12:30The model of low-latency system for WEST tokamak plasma diagnosticsRafał Krawczyk
12:40Inscription of long-period fiber gratings - point by point method with femtosecond excimer laserAndrzej Manujło
12:50FMC module with analog to digital convertersWojciech Rucło
13:00High Speed Serial Communication Computer CardSławomir Siluk
13:10Soft X-ray diagnostics systemAndrzej Wojenski
13:20Arc discharge simulator implemented in an FPGABartosz Oliwiak
13:30Coffee break
14:00Special Session on Data-Bases and Knowledge Retrival - prof. dr hab. J.J. Mulawka
14:00On a concept of computer game implementation based on a temporal logicEmilia Szymańska
14:10Various aspects of computer game creationPiotr Wąsiewicz
14:20The development of tools to support the activities of stock investorsArkadiusz Olborski
14:30Android application and REST server system for quasar spectrum presentation and analysisPiotr Wąsiewicz
14:40Measurement of hepatic steatosis based on magnetic resonance imagesAdam Tkaczyk