Effective conductivity of 2D C-Pd nanostructures

Effective conductivity of 2D C-Pd nanostructures
Piotr Kowalczyk1/2 i Włodzimierz Bielski1/3

1 Institute of Mathematics, Jan Kochanowski University, Świętokrzyska 15, 25-406 Kielce
2 Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Uniwersity of Warsaw, Banacha 2, 02-097 Warsaw
3 Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Science, Księcia Janusza 64, 01-452 Warsaw

Corresponding author: pkowal (at) mimuw.edu.pl

In the presented work the effective conductivity of two-dimensional and two-phased composite is investigated. In particular cases the composite may consist of two phases, i.e., carbon and pallad, both homogeneous and isotropic. We showed that the effective conductivity is a geometrical mean of two isotropic phases. The result is similar to that obtained by Dykhne [1], for equal volume fractions of both phases.

[1] A. M. Dykhne, Conductivity of a two-dimensional two-phased system, J. Exper. And Theor. Phys. 32, 1971, 63-65.

Author: prof.dr hab.W.Bielski
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