Investigation of C-Pd layers in hydrogen atmosphere using molecular spectroscopy

Radosław Belka, Małgorzata Suchańska, Mirosław Płaza, Justyna Kęczkowska
Division of Photonics and Electronic Nanomaterials, Kielce University of Technology, Al. 1000-lecia P.P.7, 25-314 Kielce, Poland

In this paper influence of hydrogen gas on molecular structure of carbonaceous-palladium (C-Pd) layers using Raman and FTIR spectroscopy methods has been studied. The special experimental setup (gas cell) was design and realized. The spectra were measured in H2/N2 atmosphere under different gas pressure and flow rate and compared with base spectra measured in air. The noticeable influence of gas flow on intensity of some bands in FTIR spectra were observed. Understanding of role of H2 in interaction with C-Pd layer needs other experimental works. Observed phenomenon can be used as optical hydrogen sensor.

Author: Radoslaw Belka
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