Computer program for analysis of impedance cardiography signals enabling correction of points detected on biological traces

The aim of this work was to create the computer program written in LabVIEW environment, which enables the visualization and analysis of hemodynamic parameters. It allows to import data collected using ReoMonitor, ambulatory monitoring impedance cardiography (AICG) device. Data contains one channel ECG and one channel of first derivative of impedance signal (dz/dt) sampled at 200Hz and the base impedance signal (Z0) sampled every 8s. Program consist of two parts: bioscope allowing the presentation of traces (ECG, AICG, Z0) and analytical, enabling detection of characteristic point on the signals and automatic calculation of hemodynamic parameters. The detection of characteristic points of both signals is made automatically, with the possibility to introduce manual corrections, necessary to avoid “false positive” recognitions. This application is used to determine the value of basic hemodynamic variables: pre – ejection period (PEP), left ventricular ejection time (LVET), stroke volume (SV), cardiac output (CO) and heart rate (HR). Designed application gives the possibility of further development for additional features, both for the panel of analysis and data acquisition.

Author: Justyna Oleksiak
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