Hardware realization of an SVM algorithm implemented in FPGAs

T. Gratkowski, Wiśniewski R., Bazydło G., Szcześniak P.

The paper proposes a technique of hardware realization of a space vector modulation (SVM) of state function switching in Matrix Converter (MC), oriented on the implementation in a single field programmable gate array (FPGA). In MC the SVM method is based on the instantaneous space-vector representation of input currents and output voltages. The traditional computation algorithms usually involve digital signal processors (DSPs) which consumes the large number of power transistors (18 transistors and 18 independent PWM outputs) and “non-standard positions of control pulses” during the switching sequence. Recently, hardware implementations become popular since computed operations may be executed much faster and efficient due to nature of the digital devices (especially concurrency).
In the paper, we propose a hardware algorithm of SVM computation. In opposite to the existing techniques, the presented solution applies COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer (CORDIC) method to solve the trigonometric operations. Furthermore, adequate arithmetic modules (that is, sub-devices) used for intermediate calculations, such as code converters or proper sectors selectors (for output voltages and input current) are presented in detail.
The proposed technique has been implemented as a design described with the use of Verilog hardware description language. The preliminary results of logic implementation oriented on the Xilinx FPGA (particularly, low-cost device from Artix-7 family from Xilinx was used) are also presented.

Author: Grzegorz Bazydło
Conference: Title