Micro-heater units with stabilized power for capillary sensors

The paper presents new developed unit of power stabilization for micro-heater used in capillary sensor. Up today the micro-heater was powered from laboratory power supply with constant voltage. This approach included assumptions that resistance of micro-heater is constant. This assumption may not be true in prolonged micro-heater exploiting. The micro-heaters resistance may vary due to high power density dissipation that activates degradation effects. The unit consists of micro-heater, current setting resistor, programmable power supply and data acquisition system.
Contribution of authors:
Mateusz Geca: construct of set-up and perform experiments
Michal Borecki: design plan of work and supervised paper
Andrzej Kociubinski: developed series of micro-heaters

Author: Michal Borecki
Conference: Title