New trends in logic synthesis for both digital designing and data analysis

Authors: Grzegorz Borowik, Tadeusz Łuba, Krzysztof Poźniak

Motto: “Most logic synthesis and optimization problems are not inherently solved, as demonstrated by the fact that current commercial systems are based on heuristics. The relentless improvement of processing and storage capacity enables us to use today algorithms that were considered too computationally demanding in the past, and thus able to produce now better circuits” (De Micheli, EPFL Workshop on Logic Synthesis and Verification, Dec. 2015). Taking this opinion into consideration, we would like to present new logic synthesis methods and algorithms, as well as show their versatility. Particularly, we will focus on the methods for minimization of the number of variables of a Boolean function and methods for efficient technology mapping as functional decomposition.

Author: Grzegorz Borowik
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