Konferencja: Winter XLI-st Wilga Symposium

2018-01-27 Saturday
09:10Introduction to Wilga Symposiumprof. Ryszard Romaniuk
09:20Student Session part1
09:20Multichannel electronic system for soft X-ray tokamak plasma measurementsAndrzej Wojeński
09:33Onboard computer for microsatellite applications based on Xilinx Zynq-7000Magdalena Działak
09:46Animal tracking system in biological experiments using RFID technology Adam Flis
09:59Measurement System for Contact ThermographyHubert Zadroga
10:12Synchronisation and data acquisition for CBM, triggerless HEP experimentMarek Gumiński
10:25Efficiency evaluation of developed X-ray measurement systemPaweł Linczuk
10:38Emotion recognition systemJakub Sobecki
10:50Coffee break
11:00Student Session part2
11:00Smart light switch based on infrared cameraMagdalena Formella
11:13Driver module for quantum computer experiments – KasliPaweł Kulik
11:26Indoor localization system using Software Defined RadioKrystian Wąsik
11:39XMC data concentrator module with SpaceFibre interfaceIvan Slipukhin
11:52Control system for behavioral experiments of animalsJakub Jarosiński
12:05Lunch break
12:30Student Session part3
12:30Deployment of fast parallel distributed processing for the WEST plasma impurities diagnosticsRafał Krawczyk
12:45Implementation of SpaceWire protocol on FPGAKatarzyna Kokieć
13:00Architecture and diagnostic concepts for the HyperSat platformMichal Kuklewski
13:15Fiber Bragg grating system for vehicle frame mesurmentAndrzej Manujło
13:30Timing optimisation of FPGA firmware in asynchronous Data Acquisition SystemsAdrian Byszuk
13:45Coffee break
14:00Special Session on Data-Bases and Knowledge Retrival - prof. dr hab. J.J. Mulawka
14:00Implementation of a library for creating games in the ECS patternPiotr Szlachciak
14:15Computer theorem proving in some extended logicSławomir Płodczyk
14:30Computer implementation of chosen version of strong believe logicPrzemysław Kopański
14:45Implementation of an expert system based on fuzzy logic to support stock market decisionsPaweł Wszenko