Konferencja: XL-th IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium Wilga 2017

2017-05-28 Sunday
17:30Meeting of the Symposium Org. and Tech. Comm.
2017-05-29 Monday
08:00Wilga Opening Session
08:00Introduction to the WILGA 2016 Symposiumprof. Ryszard Romaniuk
08:15Optical communications and sensing - prof. Jerzy Siuzdak
08:15Asynchronous monitoring of the quality of multilevel optical PAM signalsJerzy Siuzdak
08:30High speed data transmission with a modal filterŁukasz Chorchos
08:45SSMF 1310nm dispersion characteristic influence on the 400 Gbit/s and 1000 Gbit/s Ethernet physical layer designJarosław Turkiewicz
09:002-channel MIMO-OCC transmission system on a smartphoneMarcin Kowalczyk
09:15Comparison of PAM and CAP modulations robustness against mode partition noise in optical linksGrzegorz Stepniak
09:30Optical transmission testing based on asynchronous sampling techniques– images analysis containing chromatic dispersion using...Tomasz Mrozek
09:45Optoelectronic systems for automatic vehicle counting and classification in rest areasGrzegorz Wilczewski
10:00Specific properties of invariant, decoupling and blocking zeros of positive linear electrical circuits with zero matrix transfer
10:00in polish: "Zera inwariantne,odprzęgające i blokujące dodatnich obwodów elektrycznych"prof. Tadeusz Kaczorek
10:30Coffee break
10:45Design and Analysis of Embedded Systems - dr Michał Doligalski
10:45Reduction of peak energy demand based on smart appliances energy consumption adjustmentPiotr Powroźnik
11:00C code generation from Petri net based logic controller specificationMichał Grobelny
11:15Load shifting with the use of home energy management system implemented in FPGAGrzegorz Bazydło
11:30Encoding of compatible microoperations in LUT-based FSMsKamil Mielcarek
11:45On Transformation of a Logical Circuit to a Circuit with NAND and NOR Gates OnlyAndrei Karatkevich
12:00Encoding of chain outputs in FPGA-based Moore FSMsJacek Bieganowski
12:15Logic synthesis of n-ary quantitative relationsGrzegorz Łabiak
13:00Lunch break
14:00Carbon nanomaterials and nanosilver in printed electronics - prof. Małgorzata Jakubowska
14:00Textile fibers coated with carbon nanotubes for smart clothing applications Sandra Lepak
14:15Improvement of carbon nanotubes films conductivity for use in biomedical applicationŁucja Dybowska-Sarapuk
14:30Transparent electrodes made with ultrasonic spray coating technique for flexible heatersGrzegorz Wróblewski
14:45CNT fibers p-doped with F4TCNQ (2,3,5,6-Tetrafluoro-7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane)Sandra Lepak
15:00The impact of the proportion of nanoparticles to the spherical microparticles of silver on the connection parameters LTJTJerzy Szałapak
15:15Nanosilver conductive lines made by printing techniquesJakub Krzemiński
15:30Studies on possibilities of polymer composites with conductive nanomaterials application in wearable electronicsKinga Gralczyk
15:45Influence of the UV radiation on the screen-printed pH-sensitive layers based on graphene and ruthenium dioxideAndrzej Pepłowski
16:00Investigations of carbon nanotubes and polyacrylonitrile composites for flexible textronicsGrzegorz Wróblewski
16:15Coffee break
16:30Microsystems and Measurement Systems - prof. Jerzy Weremczuk
16:30Smart image recognition for medical applicationKrzysztof Hackiewicz
16:40Lab-on-Paper: Fusion with foil and InkJet printingKrzysztof Hackiewicz
16:50Psychophysical parameters measurement systemBartosz Dzikowski
17:00PSS humidity sorption sensors - calibration and validationBartosz Dzikowski
17:10Friction coefficient measurements of biomedical materialsAngela Andrzejewska
17:20Different grades MEMS accelerometers error characteristicsMarek Pachwicewicz
17:30Measurements supporting exploration and production of shale gasKrzysztof Danielewski
17:40Detection system of groundwater contamination in vicinity of shale gas wellKrzysztof Danielewski
17:50Multilayer ink jet printed dew point hygrometerMichał Marzęcki
18:00Dinner break
18:30Multi-channel temperature measurement system for automotive battery stackRadosław Lewczuk
18:30Comparison of the FBG sensor encapsulated into PDMS and FBG sensor glued on the plexiglass pad for respiratory and heart rate...Wojciech Walendziuk
18:30Monitoring of vertical displacements of buildings, structures based on the technology of radar interferometrySharipova Gulnar
18:30Control alghorytms of multi-color LED lighting fixturesŁukasz Budzyński
18:30Multirotor Micro Air Vehicle autonomous landing system based on image markers recognitionWojciech Walendziuk
18:30Thermoelectrical generator powered by human bodyZdenek Slanina
18:30Ground Control Station software design for Micro Aerial VehiclesDaniel Oldziej
18:40Modeling, simulation and monitoring of machining - POSTER SESSION
18:45Chip flow analysis during the turning of an aircraft part made of stainless steelGrzegorz Struzikiewicz
18:45Strain simulation in face turning of Ti6Al4V thin-walled partsGrzegorz Struzikiewicz
18:45Development and verification of a measuring stand for recording the physical phenomena during turningŁukasz Ślusarczyk
18:45The infrared camera application for calculating the impact of the feed screw thermal expansion on machining accuracyAndrzej Matras
18:45Application of Taguchi method to optimization of surface roughness during precise turning of NiTi shape memory alloy.Małgorzata Kowalczyk
18:50Design and Analysis of Embedded Systems - POSTER SESSION
18:50Modeling and Implementation of Concurrent Logic Controllers with Use of Petri Nets, LSMs and Sequent CalculusJacek Tkacz
18:50Hardware realization of an SVM algorithm implemented in FPGAsGrzegorz Bazydło
18:50Reducing Hardware in FPGA-based Mealy FSMKamil Mielcarek
18:50IoT based flood embankments monitoring systemRobert Szulim
19:00Metrology and Measurement Systems - dr. Wojciech Walendziuk
19:00The realization of temperature controller for small resistance measurement systemJakub Sobecki
19:15Complementary filter implementation in the dynamic language LuaDamian Sadowski
19:30Compensation of Hard- and Soft-Iron distortions is magnetometer measurment dataAleksander Sawicki
19:45Experimental measurement of energy harvesting with backpackDavid Vala
20:00Air condition sensor on KNX networkZdenek Slanina
20:15Real-time pitch shifting using a general purpose microcontrollerSzymon Buś
20:30Implementation of thermoelectric module for cooling process of microscale experimental roomJustyna Gołębiowska
21:00Social events & grill
2017-05-30 Tuesday
09:00Techniques of Digital Image Processing and Analysis - prof. Władysław Skarbek
09:00Color transfer by fitting clouds of color pointsRafał Protasiuk
09:15Virtual reality in the spherical video for mobile devicesRafał Pilarczyk
09:30Smile detectors correlationKivanc Yuksel
09:45WebGL and Web Audio software lightweight components for multimedia educationXin Chang
10:00Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for multimedia applicationsDaniel Grzywczak
10:15Coffee break
10:30Reversible logic - dr Andrzej Skorupski
10:30Reversible gates and Circuits DescriptionsKrzysztof Gracki
10:45Implementation of reversible gates in FPGA structureMarek Pawłowski
11:00A Method of Reversible Circuits Synthesis Based on S-mapsAndrzej Skorupski
11:15Reversible Synthesis of Incompletely Specified Boolean Functions Using Functional DecompositionMariusz Rawski
11:30A PPRM-based Approach to Synthesis of Completely Specified Reversible FunctionsJerzy Jegier
11:45Reversible Synthesis of Incompletely Specified Boolean Functions Using Functional DecompositionPiotr Szotkowski
12:00Using a software-defined computer in teaching the basics of computer architecture and operationGrzegorz Mazur
13:00Lunch break
14:00Optical and electronic measurements, sensors and systems - dr Tomasz Osuch
14:00Design and fabrication principles of chirped tapered fiber-Bragg-grating based Fabry–Perot cavityKonrad Markowski
14:15Temperature fiber Bragg grating-based sensor for monitoring respirationAndrzej Manujło
14:30The Temperature Tracking System Based on Fiber Bragg Grating and Peltier ModuleRadosław Ławrynowicz
14:45IoT fiber Bragg grating based sensor for temperature measurement in high electromagnetic field environment Andrzej Manujło
15:00Preliminary verification tests of mains harmonics’ generatorMichał Marszalec
15:15Multiwavelength Laser Scattering TomographyDariusz Litwin
15:30Modeling of Brillouin scattering in long-distance fiber optic link with bi-directional optical amplifiersKarol Salwik
15:45Coffee break
16:00Wilga Session
16:00Modeling of luminance distribution in CAVE-type virtual reality systemsMichał Meironke
16:15Investigation of tracking systems properties in CAVE-type virtual reality systemsMagda Szymaniak
16:30Characterization of electrical appliances in transient stateAugustyn Wójcik
16:45Multi-SLM holographic 3D display of digital holographic contentWeronika Zaperty
17:15Selected aspects of cogeneration technology in distributed energy applicationsKonrad Zuchora
17:30Influence of radiation on metastability-based TRNGPiotr Wieczorek
17:45Secure TRNG with Random Phase StimulationPiotr Wieczorek
18:00Dinner break
18:30Mobile environment for an emission spectrometerDariusz Litwin
18:30Fringe image analysis for variable wavelength interferometryDariusz Litwin
18:30An application of PSO algorithm for multi-criteria geometry optimization of printed low pass filter based on periodic structuresAdam Steckiewicz
19:00Accelerator instrumentation - dr Robert Nietubyć
19:00Preliminary Results Of The Dark Current Modelling For The Polfel Superconducting Lead PhotocathodeKarol Szymczyk
19:15Proposal of metallization method for a ceramic chamber of a dipole magnetic kickerJerzy Lorkiewicz
19:30Density of states and work function calculations for Pb/Nb layerRobert Nietubyć
20:00Social events & grill
2017-05-31 Wednesday
09:00High Energy Physics session - prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
09:00The Level-1 muon trigger of the CMS experiment (focus on Warsaw Group activities)Marcin Konecki
09:30Big Data in LHC AcceleratorAdrian Byszuk
09:50Data synchronizaton for HEP experimentsAdrian Byszuk
10:10Selection of hardware platform for CBM common readout interfaceWojciech Zabołotny
10:30DMA implementations for FPGA based data aquisition systemsWojciech Zabołotny
10:45Data acquisition and synchronization for CBM experimentMarek Gumiński
11:00Noise Evaluation of the Silicon Tracking System and Muon Chamber Front-End ElectronicsWeronika Zubrzycka
11:15Coffee break
11:30Fusion Related Studies Session - prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
11:30Absolute measurements of impurities and Zeff on W7-XMarta Gruca
11:45The effect of different gas injection on impurity behaviour in JETNatalia Krawczyk
12:00Measurements of proton flux by wide band-gap semiconductor detectorsLeszek Ryć
12:15Acceleration of protons to high energies by an ultra-intense femtosecond laser pulse Jaroslaw Domanski
12:30FPGA-based firmware model for extended measurement systems with data quality monitoringAndrzej Wojeński
12:45Protection and cooling system for plasma measurement systemMichał Gąska
13:00The computation in diagnostics for tokamaks - systems, designs, approachesRafał Krawczyk
13:15Evaluation of FPGA to PC feedback loopPaweł Linczuk
13:30Lunch break
14:00High Energy Physics - prof. Adam Kisiel
14:00Pion-Kaon correlations at the LHCAdam Kisiel
14:15Data requirements for measuring pion condensation using multiplicity fluctuationsViktor Begun
14:30Femtoscopy as a tool for studying phase transition phenonema at STAR/BES energies in context of femtoscopic analysis at NICADaniel Wielanek
14:45Examination of the heavy ion collisions using EPOS model in frame of BES programMaria Stefaniak
15:00Virtual Reality Visualization Algorithms for the ALICE High Energy Physics Experiment on the LHC at CERNJulian Myrcha
15:15Pion-kaon femtoscopy at STARPaweł Szymański
15:30Study of the heavy-ion collisions using the femtoscopy correlations of the two protons systemDiana Pawłowska
15:45Proton-proton, proton-antiproton and antiproton-antiproton correlationsSebastian Siejka
16:00Measurement of $D^0$ elliptic flow using the Heavy Flavor Tracker detector in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200 \, GeV$Andrzej Lipiec
16:15Coffee break
17:00High Energy Physics session - prof. Ryszard Romaniuk
17:00ADC Interface For Data Server With Data Preselection For Luminosity Detector in AIDA-2020 project. Bartosz Dziedzic
17:15Data Acquisition System Proposal for the PANDA ExperimentMateusz Michalek
17:30Real-time tomographic data analysis on FPGA devicesGrzegorz Korcyl
17:45Beam Position Monitoring System at CRYRING@ESRPiotr Miedzik
18:00Dinner break
19:00High Energy Physics session - prof. Ryszard Romaniuk
19:00Implementation of multistandard video signals integratorWojciech Zabołotny
19:15Localizing wushu players on a platform based on a video recordingPiotr Pęczek
20:00Social events & grill
2017-06-01 Thursday
09:00Bioinformatics - dr Robert Nowak
09:00Bioinformatics and expressional analysis of cDNA clones from floral buds.Magdalena Pawełkowicz
09:15Laser Capture Microdissection to study flower morphogenesis.Agnieszka Skarzyńska
09:30New tool to assemble repetitive regions using next-generation sequencing dataWiktor Kuśmirek
09:45Comparison of de novo assembly statistics of Cucumis sativus L.Michał Wojcieszek
10:00Comparison of de novo assembling of Cucumis sativus L. genotypes and their somaclonesAgnieszka Skarzyńska
10:15Implementation of the de novo genome assembler in the Rust programming languageŁukasz Neumann
10:30Genomecmp - computer software to detect genomic rearrangements using markers.Maciej Kulawik
10:45Detection of genomic rearrangements in cucumber using genomecmp software.Magdalena Pawełkowicz
11:00DNASynth: A software application to optimization of artificial gene synthesisJan Muczyński
11:15CuGene as a tool to view and explore genomic data.Michał Haponiuk
11:30Coffee break
11:45Sensing devices and technology part 1 - dr hab. Michał Borecki
11:45Micro-heater units with stabilized power for capillary sensorsMichal Borecki
12:00Modeling and Simulation of 4H-SiC Field Effect TransistorAleksandra Pedryc
12:15Modeling and Fabrication of 4H-SiC Schottky JunctionAgnieszka Martychowiec
12:30The influence of electric field intensity on the activation energy of the DC conductivity the electrical pressboard of impregnatKonrad Kierczyński
12:45Visualization of the percolation phenomenon in two-dimensional arrangement of metallic spherical particlesPrzemysław Rogalski
13:00Lunch break
14:00Carbon Nanomaterials - prof. Elżbieta Czerwosz
14:00The thermal stability of the carbon-palladium films for hydrogen sensor applicationsJoanna Rymarczyk
14:15Molecular and crystalline structure investigation of C-Ni-Pd films by FTIR spectroscopy and XRD diffractionIzabela Stępińska
14:30Pd-Ni-MWCNT nanocomposite thin films – formation, structure and propertiesMirosław Kozłowski
14:45SEM and Raman studies of CNT films on porous SiMałgorzata Suchańska
15:00Changes in resistance of nanocomposite carbon palladium thin film with titanium electrodes under influence of voltage.Slawomir Krawczyk
15:15Long time stability of lamps with nanostructural carbon field emission cathodesJerzy Kalenik
15:30Construction of Sensor Head for Hydrogen DetectionPiotr Firek
15:45Coffee break
16:00Life, Universe and Everything - The Greatest Achievements and Failures of Contemporary Astronomy - prof. Michał Różyczka
17:00Pi of the Sky Session - prof Lech Mankiewicz
17:00Application of Multivariate Analysis Methods to Search for Variable Stars in the Pi of the Sky experimentŁukasz Obara
17:15Pi of the Sky observation of GRB160625BRafal Opiela
17:30Pi of the Sky in LSC-Virgo's EM follow-up in O1 Science RunAdam Zadrożny
17:45Hunt for failed supernovae in the Milky Way galaxy with the Pi of the Sky telescopeAdam Zadrożny
18:00Dinner break
18:30Numerical studies on large mode area single-mode fiber with nanostructured core for laser applicationKamil Stawicki
18:30Effect of Ag content on structural and luminescent properties of antimony-germanate-silicate glass doped with Eu(3+) ionsRenata Jadach
18:30Tunable white light source for medical applications Łukasz Gryko
18:30Design of fused silica nanostructured gradient index microlensesJolanta Lisowska
18:30Spectroscopic properties and enery transfer in Er/Ag co-doped antimony oxide glassesTomasz Ragiń
18:30Influence of the spectral composition of LED lighting system on plants cultivation in a darkroomŁukasz Gryko
18:30Silica glass anti-resonant fibers for near- and mid-infrared wavelengths - simulations and test fiber development Dominik Dobrakowski
19:00Dependable Computing - prof. Janusz Sosnowski
19:00Towards Scalable Byzantine Fault-Tolerant ReplicationMaciej Zbierski
19:15Analysing efficiency of IPv6 packet transmission over 6LoWPAN networkAdam Kozłowski
19:30Exploring disk performance benchmarksKazimierz Krosman
19:45Customizing FP-growth algorithm to parallel mining with Charm++ libraryMarek Puścian
20:00Sensing devices and technology part 2 - dr hab. Michał Borecki
20:00Sensor set-up for wireless parameters measurement of rim and wheel in the laboratory conditionsMichal Borecki
20:15Determination of the chemical composition and basic AC properties of nanocomposites (CoFeZr)x(SiOy)(100-x)Karolina Czarnacka
20:30Investigation of insulating oil percolation through nano capillaries in electrotechnical pressboard by means of optical registraPrzemysław Rogalski
20:45Voltage resonance phenomenon and simulation of electrical properties of (FeCoZr)x(PbZrTiO3)(100-x) nanocomposite filmsOleksandr Boiko
21:00Optical registration of the vacuum impregnation process of electrotechnical pressboard by transformer oil.Przemysław Rogalski
21:15Percolation threshold of granular metal-dielectric nanocomposites (FeCoZr)x(CaF2)1-x produced in atmosphere of argon and oxygenVitalii Bondariev
21:30Social events & grill
2017-06-02 Friday
09:00Wilga Session
09:30Lamp of variable spectrum for photographic usesMateusz Feldzensztajn
10:45Coffee break
11:00Wilga Session
11:00The influence of disturbance level in available bandwidth on the value of control qlty indicators in congested computer networkSlawomir Grzyb
11:15Application of the Fractional Fourier Transform for dispersion compensation in signals from a Fabry-Pérot interferometerMarcin Mrotek
11:30Features extraction applied to the difficult data sets description on the bioinformatics exampleArtur Wiliński
11:45Optical properties of thin TiO2 film deposited on the fiber optic sensor headMarzena Hirsch
12:00 Detection system for optical coherence tomography - Czerny - Turner spectrometerAleksandra Kamińska
12:15Five-channel vibrotactile stimulatorEmil Dmitruk
12:30EMG Amplifier With Wireless Data TransmissionGrzegorz Kowalski
12:45Investigation of interaction between different types of laser lights with biological tissues phantoms with nanoparticlesDorota Truchanowicz
13:00Lunch break
14:00Adaptive methods for signal conversion, processing and transmission - prof. Anatolij Płatonow
14:00Theoretical basis, principles of design and experimental study of the prototype of “perfect” AFCS transmitting signals ...Anatoliy Platonov
14:30Adaptive sub-ranging ADC with autocalibration of internal components’ offsetsKonrad Jędrzejewski
15:15Coffee break
15:45Neuroengineering control and regulation of behavior - prof. Lech Mankiewicz
15:45Mobile optogenetic modules for miceKonstantin Rusakov
16:00Sharpening of optic fibers for atraumatic implantation into brain structures.Michal Pasierski
16:15Assessment of orientation tuning in mouse primary visual cortex with intrinsic signal optical imaging.Ida Raciborska
16:30Analytical approaches for estimation of temporal frequency preference from visual evoked potentials.Agnieszka Wierzbicka
16:45Distributed measurement and control system for optogenetic experimentsRafal Krawczyk
17:00Electromagnetic positioning system for freely moving animalsMikołaj Sowiński
17:15Micropower subcutaneous device for optogenetic experimentsJakub Jarosinski
17:30RF based power distribution system for optogenetic experimentsTomasz Filipek
17:45Reduction in spontaneous firing of mouse excitatory layer 4 cortical neurons following visual classical conditioningMarek Bekisz
18:00Parameters of optical stimulation and the strength of depolarization in ChR2-transfected neuronsAleksandra Składowska
18:15Dinner break
18:30Fractional kinetics of compartmental systems. First approach with use digraph-based method. Konrad Markowski
18:30Response of a uniform optical fiber Bragg grating to strain with a non-smooth distribution: measurements and simulationsMałgorzata Detka
18:30Chosen sources of signal interference in HD-TVI technologyMarcin Królikowski
18:30Design of an algorithm for controlling the multilevel three-phase converterKyrmyzy Taissariyeva
18:30Generation of medium frequency electrotherapeutic signalsMirosław Płaza
18:30Modeling the characteristic of the optical wavelength discriminator with fibre Bragg grating.Aleksnadra Sikora
18:30Design of circuits of multilevel inverter on IGBT transistors with pulse-amplitude controlKyrmyzy Taissariyeva
18:30Signal processing system for electrotherapy treatmentMirosław Płaza
18:30Optical study of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings deposited at different spray distanceRadosław Belka
18:30Measurement of impulse current using polarimetric fiber optic sensor Mariusz Ginter
18:30Using the Principal Component Analysis Method in Studies of the TiO2 Raman SpectraRadosław Belka
19:00Wilga Evening Session
19:00ConvNet – Iris Recognition in Arabian Race Horses using Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksMateusz Trokielewicz
19:15Experimental elaboration and analysis of various dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) and hybrid solar cellsPiotr Kałużyński
20:00Social events & grill
2017-06-03 Saturday
09:00Wilga Student Session
09:00Driver module for quantum computer experiments – KasliPaweł Kulik
09:15Satellite data concentrator moduleIvan Slipukhin
09:30Data acquisition system for GEM-2D detector in uTCA standardTomasz Przywózki
09:45Smart light switch based on infrared cameraMagdalena Formella
10:00Animal tracking system in biological experiments using RFID technologyAdam Flis
10:15Measurement system for contact thermographyHubert Zadroga
10:30Indoor localization system using Software Defined RadioKrystian Wąsik
11:00On-Board Computer for satellite applications based on Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoCMagdalena Działak
11:30Coffee break
11:45Wilga Student Session
11:454 Gbps Scalable Low-Voltage Signaling (SLVS) transceiver for pixel radiation detectorsLukasz A. Kadlubowski
12:00Classification of electroencephalogram signals using time-frequency decomposition and linear discriminant analysisBeata Szuflitowska
12:15Availability model of stand-alone photovoltaic systemGustaw Mazurek
13:30Lunch break
14:00Mathematical models of production systems development, based on optimal aggregation methodologyKonrad Gromaszek
14:00Quality of content delivery in computer specialists training systemKonrad Gromaszek
14:00Opportunistic tri-band carrier aggregation in licensed spectrum for multi-operator 5G hetnetAndrzej Kotyra
14:00Matching of Renewable Source of Energy Generation Graphs and Electrical Load in Local Energy SystemPaweł Pijarski
14:00Comparison of optical flow algorithms performance on flame image sequencesJacek Tanaś
14:00The use of combined classification for analysis of the combustion process stateDaniel Sawicki
14:00Efficiency of optical-electronic systems, methods application for the analysis of structural changes in the eye diagnosisŻaklin Grądz
14:00Grayscale morphological filter based on local statisticsAndrzej Kotyra
14:00Double compression method for biomedical imagesRóża Dzierżak
14:00Offsetting, relations and blending with perturbation functionsŻaklin Grądz
14:00Functional integration of automated system databases by means of artificial intelligenceAndrzej Kotyra
14:00Adaptive compression methods of data based on Fibonacci linear formsZbigniew Omiotek
14:00Vibration diagnostic system for evaluation of state of interconnected electrical motorsAndrzej Kotyra
14:00Uncertainty of chromatic dispersion estimation from signal waveforms in intensity modulation optical fiber communication line.Zbigniew Lach
14:00Object detection in images with low light conditionAndrzej Kotyra
14:00Complex Information ans Technical Solutions for Energy Management of Municipal EnergeticsPaweł Pijarski
14:00Optical Switching Using IP ProtocolPaweł Komada
14:00System And Algorithm For Evaluation Of Human Auditory Analyzer StateTomasz Ławicki
14:00Study of the air flow mode in the nasal cavity during a forced breathPaweł Komada
14:00Bio-Inspired approach to multistage image processingŻaklin Grądz
14:00Frequency pressure transducer with a sensitivity of MEMs capacitor on the basis of transistor structure with negative resistanceTomasz Zyska
14:00The influence of CTFBGs physical parameters on their spectral properties Jacek Klimek
14:00Algorithm of parallel-hierarchical transformation and its implemantation in FPGATomasz Zyska
14:00Medical Expert System for Assessment of Coronary Heart Disease DestabilizationRóża Dzierżak
14:00The Technology of Searching the Associative Rules While Developing the SoftwareTomasz Zyska
14:00Automated method for structural segmentation of nasal airways based on cone beam computed tomographyZbigniew Omiotek
14:00Thermoelectric properties of Sige whiskers with Various Morphology Tomasz Zyska
14:00Self-powered information measuring wireless networks using the distribution of tasks within multicore processorsWojciech Surtel
14:00The approach to engineering tasks composition on knowledge portalsDamian Harasim
14:00Safety recommendation component of mobile information assistent of the touristPiotr Popiel
14:00Identification and human condition analysis based on the human voice analysisAndrzej Kotyra
14:00Self-organizing intelligent network of "Smart" electrical heating devices as an alternative to traditional ways of heatingKonrad Gromaszek
14:00Parallel-hierarchical processing and classification of laser beam profile images based on the GPU-oriented architectureWojciech Surtel
14:00Controlling geometric dimensions of small-size complex-shaped objectsPaweł Komada
14:00Multichannel target speed estimation by a colocated doppler-pulse mimo radarDamian Harasim
14:00The perculiarity of the construction of an optical-electronic system for measurement of geometrical parametersDamian Harasim
14:00The Human Body Metabolism Process Mathematical Simulation Based on Lottka-Volterra Model Róża Dzierżak
14:00Diagnosis abnormalities of limb movement in disorders of the nervous systemDamian Harasim
14:00Princeples of Operatio of High Voltage Glow Discharge Electron Guns and Some Possibilities of its Technological ApplicationRóża Dzierżak
14:00Research of neural network classifier in speaker recognition module for automated system of critical useAndrzej Smolarz
14:00Influence Of Structural Disorder On The Optical Properties Of Non-Stoichiometric Cu6ps5i-Based Thin FilmsTomasz Ławicki
14:00Simulation of data safety components for corporative systemsAndrzej Smolarz
14:00Thermooptical method and a means of measuring mass fraction control ofliquefied petroleum gas componentsŻaklin Grądz
14:00Neural expert decision support system for stroke diagnosisAndrzej Smolarz
14:00Using lights in a volume-oriented renderingŻaklin Grądz
14:00Online single-factor measured active nodal load forecasting in an electric power systemAndrzej Smolarz
14:00Concept of information technology of monitoring and decision-making supportŻaklin Grądz
14:00Monitoring of the combustion process under industrial conditions Żaklin Grądz
14:00Investigation of Circuit Features of the Immittance Modulo-2 Adder realizationTomasz Ławicki
14:00The optoelectronic sensor creatinine and ureaWojciech Surtel
14:00Threats and risks to information security: A practical analysis of free access wireless networksKonrad Gromaszek
14:00The research of the availability at cloud service systemsPaweł Komada
14:00On the possibility of the patient’s skin overheating during low-intensive phototherapyZbigniew Omiotek
14:00Spaceborne linear array imager’s spatial resolution for arbitrary viewing anglesPaweł Komada
14:00Physical-mathematical model of optical radiation interaction with biological tissuesZbigniew Omiotek
14:00High-speed counters in fibonacci numerical systemPaweł Komada
14:00Cloud based mobility management in heterogeneous wireless networksZbigniew Omiotek
14:00Research of a filter on the parallel resonant on L-, C-negatronsTomasz Zyska
14:00Computer-aided system for interactive psychomotor testingDaniel Sawicki
14:00Smart Grid Technologies in Local Electric GridsPaweł Pijarski
14:00Fiber optic interferometric force sensor with reduced temperature sensitivityŁukasz Zychowicz
14:00In vivo monitoring of oxygen saturation in murine carcinoma during PDT by diode laser light diffuse reflectanceŻaklin Grądz
14:00Determining of combustion process state based on flame images analysis using k-NN classificationDaniel Sawicki
14:00Risk assessment of bronchial asthma development in children with atopic dermatitisŻaklin Grądz
14:00The efficiency analysis of HTTP/2 protocolKonrad Gromaszek
14:00Reference LED Source of Subnanosecond Pulses of Broadband Optical RadiationJacek Klimek
14:00Mathematical modeling of systemic factors determining the risk of deterioration of drinking water supply and development...Zbigniew Omiotek
14:00The Spectral Method of the Jitter Estimation in Fiber Optics Transmission SystemsJacek Klimek
14:00Gas sensitive material on the basis of cholesteric-nematic mixture doped carbon nanotubes for optoelectronic NH3 gas sensorJacek Klimek
14:00Method of Image Texture Segmentation Using Laws' Energy MeasuresRóża Dzierżak
14:00Optical transducers with frequency outputPaweł Komada
14:00Research and Neutralizing of Spiral Deterioration Impact to the Accuracy of Measuring of the Volume of Sand ClassifierWojciech Surtel
14:00Preprocessing of CT images of the spine in the diagnosis of osteoporosisRóża Dzierżak
14:00Evaluation of aortic contractility based on analysis of CT images of the heartRóża Dzierżak
14:00Method of magneto-elastic control of mechanic rigidity in assemblies of hydropower unitsŻaklin Grądz
14:00Contouring of microcapillary images based on sharpening to one-pixel width of boundary curvesAndrzej Kotyra
14:30Analysis of impact Long Period Bragg Gratings parameters on their spectral transmission characteristicsPiotr Stępniak
17:00Table Tennis Competition WILGA 2017
18:00Dinner break
19:00Student party & grill
2017-06-04 Sunday
10:00Closing Session
10:00Summary of the Wilga Symposiumprof. Ryszard Romaniuk