Konferencja: XXXVIII-th IEEE-SPIE Joint Symposium Wilga 2016

2016-05-29 Sunday
17:30Meeting of the Symposium Org. and Tech. Comm.
2016-05-30 Monday
08:55Wilga Opening Session - prof. Ryszard Romaniuk
08:55Introduction to the WILGA 2016 SymposiumRyszard Romaniuk
09:00Analysis of the positivity of fractional standard and descriptor continuous-time systems by the use of Caputo-Fabrizio definitioTadeusz Kaczorek
09:30(pol) Ustalanie złożoności liczby bez jej faktoryzacjiAndrzej Schinzel
09:30Ineffective proofs of the existence of a non-trivial factorization of composite integersAndrzej Schinzel
10:30SOLPEX X-ray polarimeter detector luminescence background calculated using Geant4 simulation softwareAleksander Gorgolewski
10:45Simulation of Caliste-SO single pixel responseJaromir Barylak
11:00Deep Learning Systems – new perspectives in computational intelligenceStanisław Jankowski
11:30Coffee break
11:45Recent advances in FBG technology and applications - dr Tomasz Osuch
11:45A dual-parameter tilted fiber Bragg grating based sensor for liquid level and temperature monitoringTomasz Osuch
12:00Possibilities of applications of fiber Bragg grattings for thermonuclear fusion technologyPawel Gasior
12:15Automated Talbot interferometer for fiber Bragg gratings inscription with improved accuracy and repeatabilityAndrzej Manujło
12:30Custom FBGs inscription using modified phase mask method with precise micro and nano-positioningKonrad Markowski
12:45Optimization of group delay response of (apodized) tapered fiber Bragg grating by shaping taper transition profileKonrad Markowski
13:00Lunch break
14:00Instrumentation and Measurement part 1 - dr Wojciech Walendziuk
14:00Energy monitoring and managing for electromobility purposesZdenek Slanina
14:15Electric scooter pilot projectZdenek Slanina
14:30Analysis of data throughput in communication between PLCs and HMI/SCADA systemsMartin Mikolajek
14:45Using spread spectrum for AMR magnetic sensorDavid Vala
15:00The use of virtual reality tools for patient stability examinationŁukasz Wysk
15:15Coffee break
15:30Instrumentation and Measurement part 2 - dr Wojciech Walendziuk
15:30Monitoring of the electrical parameters in off-grid solar power systemKatarzyna Leoniuk
15:45Estimation of the object location with the use of MEMS sensorsAleksander Sawicki
16:00Identification of unmanned aircraft combustion engine unitDaniel Oldziej
16:15Develop of a pressure sensor based on PGA309 deviceMichał Baczewski
16:30Coffee break
16:45Optoelectronic Devices part 1 - dr hab. Michał Borecki
16:45NiCr micro heaters as actuators in micro-fluidics sensorsMateusz Gęca
17:00Amplifiers dedicated for large area SiC photodiodesMichal Borecki
17:15Brushless DC electric motor application in environment CH4 sensorJakub Drozd
17:30RGB imaging volumes alignment method for color holographic displaysWeronika Zaperty
17:45Holographic display with LED sources illumination and enlarged viewing angleMaksymilian Chlipała
18:00Dinner break
18:30Temperature compensation acceleration sensorsAleksander Sawicki
18:30Conception of discrete systems decomposition algorithm using p-invariants and hypergraphsŁukasz Stefanowicz
18:30A method of transition conflict resolving in hierarchical controlGrzegorz Łabiak
18:30Special Cases of Digraph Structures Corresponding to Minimal Stable Realisation of Fractional Continuous-Time Linear SystemKonrad Markowski
18:30Dynamic partial reconfiguration of logic controllers implemented in FPGAsGrzegorz Bazydło
18:30Direct Graph Approach to Boolean Control NetworkKonrad Markowski
18:30Experimental determination of the emissivity coefficient of selected materialsAleksander Sawicki
19:00Optoelectronic Devices part 2 - dr hab. Michał Borecki
19:00The influence of annealing on the electrical and optical properties of Silicon-rich Silicon Nitride FilmsKarolina Czarnacka
19:15Advanced BLDC Motor control methods
19:30Research of insulating oil percolation in electrical pressboard using optical registrationPrzemysław Rogalski
19:45The influence of moisture on the activation energy of the conductivity of paper - oil insulation of power transformersKonrad Kierczyński
20:00High-temperature thermogravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry of nanocomposites (FeCoZr)x(CaF2)1-xVitalii Bondariev
20:15Low temperature electrical conductance in (FeCoZr)x(PbZrTiO3)(100-x) nanocomposite filmsOleksandr Boiko
21:00Social events & grill
2016-05-31 Tuesday
09:00Tokamak Plasma Session - prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
09:00Technological aspect of gem detector, design and assembling for WEST applicationEwa Kowalska-Strzęciwilk
09:15Simulations of the GEM detector parametersKarol Malinowski
09:30GEM detectors operation in harsh radiaton environmentMaryna Chernyshova
09:45Algorithms development for the GEM based detection systemTomasz Czarski
10:00Commissioning of the PHA system at W7-XMonika Kubkowska
10:15Progres in the development of optimized post-processing algorithmsRafał Krawczyk
10:25Data acquisition system for GEM-based tomography in WEST tokamakAndrzej Wojenski
10:35Automatization of hardware configuration for plasma diagnostic systemAndrzej Wojeński
10:45Modeling of serial acquisition structure in MatlabPiotr Kolasiński
11:00Coffee break
11:15CMS Session -prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
11:15OMTF project overviewMarcin Konecki
11:30Optimization of the Muon Trigger System in the Overlap of the CMS detectorPaweł Miętki
11:40The Level-1 Muon Trigger of the CMS experiment muon selection in the detector overlap regionGrzegorz Żarnecki
11:50Data Quality Monitoring for OMTFJakub Dobosz
12:00Control software for new L1 trigger in the overlap region for CMS experimentKrystian Zawistowski
12:10Analysis of combined parity (CP) of neutral particles decaying into to tau leptons at CMS experimentAndrzej Pyskir
12:20Analysis of background estimation methods in Higgs boson searches in tau-tau decay mode in the CMS experiment.Barbara Latacz
12:30Automatic latency equalization in VHDL-implemented complex pipelined systemsWojciech Zabołotny
12:40Timing and synchronisation methods in Data Acquisition systems of HEP experimentsAdrian Byszuk
12:50Object oriented hardware-software OMTF diagnosticsPaweł Drabik
13:00Lunch break
14:00High Energy Physics session part 1 - prof. Adam Kisiel
14:00Digital Filters in Radio Detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory.Dariusz Głas
14:15Accelerating field stabilization in IOT powered E-XFEL cryomodule operating with high loaded QRadosław Rybaniec
14:30Angular correlations in the Beam Energy Scan program in STARAndrzej Lipiec
14:45Proton femtoscopy in BESSebastian Siejka
15:00How Therminator model works for BES ?Paweł Szymański
15:15Connections between femtoscopy results in small and large systemsAdam Kisiel
15:30Studying the mechanisms of particle production using the correlation angleMałgorzata Janik
15:45Baryon Correlations in STARHanna Zbroszczyk
16:00Coffee break
16:15High Energy Physics session part 2 - prof. Adam Kisiel
16:15Event visualization in ALICEJeremi Niedziela
16:30Templates as an example of the new possible method for K*(892) resonance production analysisAngelika Tefelska
16:45Advances in software development solving the equations of relativistic hydrodynamics with sourcesPatryk Marcinkowski
17:00Quarkonia production vs. event activityLeszek Kosarzewski
17:15Multipactor in RF power components and remedies against itJurek Lorkiewicz
17:30Visualisation stabilisation methods for CERN ALICE high energy physics experimentJulian Myrcha
18:00Dinner break
20:00Social events & grill
2016-06-01 Wednesday
10:30CBM Session - dr Wojciech Zabołotny
10:30Test systems of the STS/MUCH-XYTER2 ASIC - from wafer-level to in-system verification.Weronika Zubrzycka
11:00Tests for the Readout Chain components of the CBM STSAdrian Rodriguez Rodriguez
11:30Version control friendly project management system for FPGA designsWojciech Zabołotny
12:00White rabbit enabled MCH timing moduleMarek Gumiński
12:30Versatile AMC-FMC-Optical module for HEP and quantum computingGrzegorz Kasprowicz
13:00Lunch break
14:00Printed electronics towords internet of things - prof. Małgorzata Jakubowska
14:00From Printed Electronics to Internet of ThingsMałgorzata Jakubowska
14:15Spray coated nanosilver functional layersJakub Krzemiński
14:30Thermal and electrical comparison of different joining techniquesJerzy Szałapak
14:45Investigation of adhesion of functional nanolayers to different substratesAndrzej Skalski
15:00Wireless powering for electrochemical sensorAndrzej Pepłowski
15:15Antibacterial activity of graphene layersŁucja Dybowska-Sarapuk
15:30Temporary tattoo for wireless human pulse measurementDaniel Janczak
15:45Selective laser sintering of metal micropowders with short-pulse laserBartłomiej Waplurski
16:00Coffee break
16:15Adaptive Methods of Signal Processing and Transmission - prof. Anatolij Płatonow
16:15Hardware prototype of analog feedback communication system (AFCS): results of experiments and perspectives of further theoretiAnatolij Płatonow
16:30Particularities of design and testing of adaptive analog communication channels for HV energy lines monitoringIevgen Zaitsev
16:45Reduction of Influence of Gains Imperfections on Performance of Adaptive Sub-ranging A/D Converters with Simplified ArchitectureKonrad Jędrzejewski
17:00Digital Treatment of Offsets of Internal Components in Adaptive Sub-ranging A/D ConvertersŁukasz Małkiewicz
17:15Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Pitch-Shifting and Time-Scaling of Audio SignalsSzymon Buś
17:30Heart Sounds Segmentation Based on Time-Frequency AnalysisGrzegorz Nieradka
17:45Characterization of electrical appliance based on their immitance Augustyn Wójcik
18:00Dinner break
18:30Modeling, simulation and monitoring of machining - Poster Session
18:30Simulation and optimization of physical phenomena when engine block machining – case studyGrzegorz Struzikiewicz
18:30Machining efficiency increase when nickel alloy milling using computer simulation methodWojciech Zębala
18:30Tool life modeling and computer simulation of tool wear when nickel based material turningWojciech Zębala
18:30The FEM simulation of the thin walled aircraft engine corpus deformation during millingAndrzej Matras
18:30The implementation of a thermal imaging camera for testing the temparature of the cutting zone in turningŁukasz Ślusarczyk
18:30The construction of the milling process simulation modelsŁukasz Ślusarczyk
18:30The application of high-speed camera for analysis of chip creation process during the steel turningGrzegorz Struzikiewicz
19:00Wilga Evening Session
19:00Research the method of providing harmonicity to multi-level inverterKyrmyzy Taissariyeva
19:15Paraxial parameters and aberration of seven-electrode axisymmetric cathodic lend Ainur Kuttybayeva
19:30 Experimental research of a prototype multi-level inverter rated at 6 kW, when powered by 12 batteriesKyrmyzy Taissariyeva
19:45Polymer planar waveguide white light interferometer.Tomasz Herzog
20:00Experimental elaboration and analysis of dye-sensitized TiO2 solar cells (DSSC) dyed by natural dyes and conductive polymersPiotr Kałużyński
21:00Social events & grill
2016-06-02 Thursday
09:15Biomedical engineering - prof Antoni Grzanka
09:15Objective models of EMG signals for cyclic processes , such as a human gaitMonika Selegrat
09:30Liquid crystal foil for the detection of breast cancerMichał Biernat
09:45Asymetry features for classification of thermograms in breast cancer detectionRobert Nowak
10:00Feature selection and definition for contours classification of thermograms in breast cancer detectionDariusz Jagodziński
10:15Preprocessing for classification of thermograms in breast cancer detectionŁukasz Neumann
10:30Contour classification on thremographic images for detection of breast cancerRafał Okuniewski
10:45Coffee break
11:00Bioinformatics, computer vision - dr Robert Nowak
11:00Shell gas sweet spots similarity measurementsJarosław Arabas
11:15Bioinformatic investigation of the role of ubiquitins in cucumber flower morphogenesisMichał Wojcieszek
11:30Identyfication and bioinformatic comparison of two novel protein phospatases in monoecious and gynoecious cucumber lines.Michał Wojcieszek
11:45The utility of optical detection system (qPCR) and bioinformatics methods in reference gene expression analysisAgnieszka Skarzyńska
12:00Thermograms classification for early detection of breast cancerMateusz Matysiewicz
12:15Application of SVM classifier in thermographic images' classification for early detection of breast cancerWitold Oleszkiewicz
12:30Novelty Detection for Breast Cancer Image ClassificationPawel Cichosz
12:45Lunch break
13:45Optical Communications and Sensing part 1 - prof. Jerzy Siuzdak
13:45Chaotic systems in optical communicationsJerzy Siuzdak
14:00Characterization of mode group transfer matrix in multimode couplers using spatial light modulationGrzegorz Stepniak
14:15Gradient-index polymer optical fiber without dopants: How the optical properties can be controlled by sole temperature treatmentChristian A. Bunge
14:30Performance analysis of the multimode fiber dispersion compensation with the use of compensating fiberŁukasz Maksymiuk
14:45Performance comparison of the 1310 nm optical amplifiersŁukasz Chorchos
15:00Reconfigurable remote access unit for W-band Radio-over-Fiber transmissionŁukasz Chorchos
15:15Coffee break
15:30Optical Communications and Sensing part 2 - prof. Jerzy Siuzdak
15:30High speed transmission with the 850 nm VCSELsJarosław Turkiewicz
15:45Mobile platform of height measurement based on a smartphonePaweł Roszkowski
16:00Modeling of multi-channel Visible Light Communication systems in the indoor environmentsMarcin Kowalczyk
16:15The Compressed Average Image Intensity metric for stereoscopic video quality assessmentGrzegorz Wilczewski
16:30Optical transmission testing based on asynchronous sampling techniquesTomasz Mrozek
16:45RIN measurements of the 850 nm VCSELsŁukasz Chorchos
17:00Photonics materials and devices – sesja prof. Dominik Dorosz
17:00Analysis of quantum cutting in glasses co-doped with rare – earth ionsArkadiusz Kuczewski
17:15Measurement and analysis of absolute quantum yield of PMMA doped with rhodamine bMaciej Zyskowski
17:30Optical fiber head for monitoring of heart-rate and blood oxidationAgata Baranowska
17:45Energy transfer mechanisms in heavy metal oxide glasses doped with lanthanide ionsTomasz Ragiń
18:00Dinner break
18:30Comparative analysis of luminescent properties of germanate glass and double-clad optical fibers co-doped with Yb3+/Ho3+ ionsMarcin Kochanowicz
18:30Effect of P2O5 content on spectroscopic properties of Eu-doped antimony-germanate glassesJacek Zmojda
18:30Kinetic crystallization of boro-silicate glass doped with phosphate, gadolinium and erbiumKamil Iwanowicz
19:00Analysis and design of electronic circuits - prof Leszek Opalski
19:00Universal subnanosecond laser driverMateusz Żbik
19:15Deembeding procedure with symbolic package modelLeszek Opalski
19:30Correction of frequency response of IR photodetector signal pathKatarzyna Opalska
19:45Wideband 4-diodes sampling circuitAndrzej Wojtulewicz
20:00Electromagnetic system for obstacles detection in close distance Michal Kurzela
20:15A novel method of measurement of LC circuits Q factorMichał Kalisiak
20:30Numerical Differentiation Formula with piecewise constant step for efficient time-domain simulation of stiff systems.Jan Ogrodzki
20:45Multi stage traveling wave directional filters for chanel separation multiplexer applicationsJakub Sorocki
21:00Comparison Between Various Coupled-Line Sections Sensors for Dielectric Sample MeasurementIlona Piekarz
21:15Investigation of dynamic routing and spectrum allocation methods in elastic optical networksEdyta Biernacka
21:30Five-Element Antenna Array With Improved BeamwidthIzabela Slomian
22:00Social events & grill
2016-06-03 Friday
09:00New trends in learning systems - prof. Stanisław Jankowski
09:00Hough transform for human action recognition – application to sport gamesMia Siemon
09:15Methods of Qualitative Theory of Multi-Valued Logics in Real Time conditionsBohdan Naumienko
09:30Principal Components Representation of Accelerations in Dynamic Human MovementsKonrad Neneman
09:45Grel Leverage estimation for multi-output neural networksTomasz Grel
10:00Detecting and tracking ball with OpenCV and KinectTomasz Osiecki
10:30Coffee break
10:45Modeling and simulation of data and signals - dr Dariusz Strzęciwilk
10:45Modeling and Performance Analysis of QoS dataDariusz Strzeciwilk
11:00Electromagnetic pulse propagation in dispersive Lorentz mediaAdam Ciarkowski
11:15Quantum Search Simulation with Wolfram MathematicaAlexander Prokopenya
11:30Investigation of Time Series With Detrended Fluctuation AnalysisKrzysztof Karpio
11:45Modelling Reduced Sparse DataRyszard Kozera
12:00Modelling structures of 1D PhC for telecommunication applicationZygmunt Jacek Zawistowski
12:15Coffee break
12:30BIO-7 Session - prof. Krzysztof Poźniak
12:30Virtual system to improve shooting training and intervention tactics of services responsible for securityKuba Jałoszyński
12:50Video Signals Integrator - identification of needs and requirements defined by the services subordinated to the MSWiA Błażej Jewartowski
13:10Video Signals Integrator (VSI) System ArchitectureGrzegorz Kasprowicz
13:30Lunch break
15:45Coffee break
16:00Dependable Computing - prof. Janusz Sosnowski
16:00New trends in logic synthesis for both digital designing and data analysisGrzegorz Borowik
16:15Gate based decomposition of index generation functionsTadeusz Łuba
16:30Dependability analysis of WRT54GL routerPiotr Gawkowski
16:45Monitoring Of Distributed Systems Using Historical DebuggersMichał Komorowski
17:00BFT replication resistant to MAC attacksMaciej Zbierski
17:15Fault tolerance techniques for embedded telemetry system: case studyKazimierz Krosman
17:30Entropy-based Consistent Model Driven ArchitectureStanisław Jerzy Niepostyn
17:45Parallelization of Eclat algorithm using Charm++ libraryMarek Puścian
18:00Dinner break
18:30Optical characterization of pure and Al-doped ZnO prepared by sol-gel method Radoslaw Belka
18:30High resolution radiographic detectorWojciech Dziewiecki
18:30Structural investigation of anatase prepared at different calcination temperature of sol-gel process Radoslaw Belka
19:00OSA & SPIE Gdańsk Student Chapter Session - Agnieszka Szreder
19:00Spectral reflectance and transmission modeling of multi-cavity Fabry-Pérot interferometer with ZnO thin filmsAgnieszka Szreder
19:15Optical profilometerAleksandra Wieloszyńska
19:30The low coherence Fabry-Pérot interferometer with diamond and ZnO layersWojciech Den
19:45Fiber optic sensor for measurements of refractive index of liquidMarcin Marzejon
20:00Growth and transfer of boron doped diamond foil. Maciej Marchwinski
20:15Wilga Evening Session
20:15Modeling Adaptive Non-Repudiation Security ServicesMarcin Tunia
20:30Computer-aided analysis of signals from a low-coherence Fabry-Pérot interferometer used for measurements of biological samplesMarcin Mrotek
20:45Evaluation of Multilayer Perceptron algorithms for an analysis of network flow dataJędrzej Bieniasz
21:00Methods for Reliability Evaluation of Trust and Reputation SystemsMarek Janiszewski
21:15Monitoring of the phase jitter in the fiber optic time and frequency transfer systemsKarol Salwik
21:30The covert channel over HTTP protocolWaldemar Graniszewski
22:00Social events & grill
2016-06-04 Saturday
09:00ISE Student Session - dr. Grzegorz Kasprowicz
09:00Star-tracker algorithm for CubeSat satellitesSzymon Michalski
09:15Brushless DC motor driver with computer interfaceMaciej Urda
09:30Executive module of intelligent energy management systemTomasz Kowalczyk
09:45Smart house with the WI-FI module usageMariusz Profecki
10:00Intelligent light control using thermal sensorKarol Śmieciuch
10:15Reconfigurable digital down converterBartek Juszczyk
10:30Algorithm for fast event parameters estimation on GEM acquired dataPaweł Linczuk
10:45Zynq SoC based astronomical cameraMikołaj Jamroży
11:00Coffee break
11:15ISE Student Session - dr. Grzegorz Kasprowicz
11:15Measurement speed of sound in mixtures of gases by photoacoustic generatorMariusz Suchenek
11:30High Speed Serial Communication Computer CardSławomir Siluk
11:45RPython High-Level SynthesisRadosław Cieszewski
13:00Lunch break
14:00PhD student Session - dr. Maciej Linczuk
14:00Methods to Increase Reliability and Ensure Determinism in a White Rabbit NetworkMaciej Lipinski
14:15Comparison of H.265/HEVC encodersMaciej Trochimiuk
14:30A survey over possible intra prediction optimizations in the H.265/HEVC encoderAndrzej Abramowski
14:45Microstructured Optical Fiber Chromatic Dispersion Measurement using Mach-Zehnder InterferometerJoanna Nazim
15:00Polarization Splitter based on Microstructured Optical Fibers Cyprian Żurawski
18:00Dinner break
20:00Social events & grill
2016-06-05 Sunday
11:00Volleyball match: WILGA organizers - guests
13:00Lunch break
15:00Table Tennis Competition WILGA 2016
18:00Dinner break
2016-06-06 Monday
09:00Microsystems and Measurement Systems - prof. Jerzy Weremczuk
09:00Measurement station for online ground water contamination detection of shale gas wellKrzysztof Danielewski
09:10The analysis of fluids using the tapered optical fiberKrzysztof Hackiewicz
09:20FPGA usage for audio signal processingRafał Selma
09:30Humidity sensors modelsBartosz Dzikowski
09:40Method of measurement of bulk materials magnetic propertiesKrzysztof Danielewski
09:50Cheap and easy to produce device for measuring the concentrations in Lab-on-Foil technology.Krzysztof Hackiewicz
10:00The concept and architecture of data communication in autonomous cleaning robotsBartosz Nowak
10:10System for recognition rugged surfaces based on MEMS inertial sensorAdrian Ratajczyk
10:20System for water level measurement based on pressure transducerDaniel Paczesny
10:30The mobile tracking device applicable in vehicle positioning system with the use of IOT techniquesMateusz Ostrysz
10:40Sensors assisting in a dirt detection process of autonomous cleaning robotFranciszek Mikłaszewicz
10:50Swarm and cooperation algorithms of autonomous cleaning robotsŁukasz Kszonowski
11:00Ultrasonic sensor system for cliff detectionGrzegorz Tarapata
11:10The methods of water condensation detection in dew point hygrometer with capacitive detectorDaniel Paczesny
11:45Coffee break
12:00Pi of the Sky Session - prof. Lech Mankiewicz
12:00Epoch of star formation of VIPERS passive galaxiesMalgorzata Siudek
12:15Pi of the Sky involvement in LSC-Virgo Electromagnetic Follow-up projectAdam Zadrożny
12:30Algorithm for searching for failed supernovae (for Pi of the Sky network)Adam Zadrozny
13:00Lunch break
14:00Neuroengineering control and regulation of behavior, part 1 - prof. Andrzej Wróbel
14:00Development of implantable light source for optogeneticsKonstantin Rusakov
14:15Verification of the electrophysiological features of optogenetically modified neuronsMarek Bekisz
14:30Optogenetic stimulation in behavioral modelsJerzy Bukowczan
14:45Implantable optogenetic device operating in the Intellicage environment: challenges and solutionsRafał Czajkowski
15:00PyMICE - a Python package facilitating reproducible analysis of IntelliCage data Jakub Kowalski
15:15Development of modular microelectronic system for electrical stimulation and recording of brain activityMałgorzata Szypulska
15:30Data analysis of multi-electrode electrophysiological recordings Michał Czerwiński
15:45Coffee break
16:00Neuroengineering control and regulation of behavior, part 2 - dr Grzegorz Kasprowicz, prof. Lech Mankiewicz
16:00Optogenic measurement and control system for free moving animalsGrzegorz Kasprowicz
16:15RF supply of optogenetic devices in freely moving animalsTomasz Filipek
16:30Optogenetic control system SW and algorithmsMikołaj Sowiński
16:45Implantable device for optogenetics.Jakub Jarosiński
17:00Control system for optogenetic devicesRafał Krawczyk
18:00Dinner break
18:30Apparatus for realization dynamic modes of uiab theraphy with automatic testing of processWojciech Surtel
18:30Information measuring systems with mobile devices for identification air pollution parameters caused by transportMariusz Duk
18:30Processing laser beam spot images using the parallel-hierarchical network for classification nad forecasting their energy centerPaweł Pijarski
18:30Measurement of reactive power under asymmetrical nonsinusoid modes of electric networks with earthed neutralPaweł Pijarski
18:30The method of translation additive and multiplicative error in the instrumental component of the measurement uncertaintyKonrad Gromaszek
18:30New simulation method of the parallel-hierarchical network for data processing based on network’s representation as a collectionAndrzej Smolarz
18:30The optical diagnostics of parameters of biological tissues of human intact skin in near-infrared rangeDamian Harasim
18:30The effect of electromagnetic radiation of wireless connections on morphology of amniotic fluidŻaklin Grądz
18:30An informational model of sportsman’s competitive activitiesZbigniew Omiotek
18:30Device to determine the level of pheripheral blood circulation and saturationMarcin Maciejewski
18:30Methods and fiber-optic spectrometry system for control of photosensitizer in tissue during photodynamic therapyDamian Harasim
18:30The transducer of pressure with the frequency outputPaweł Komada
18:30Subpixel edge detection method based on low-frequency filteringAndrzej Kotyra
18:30Usage of the hybrid encryption in a cloud instantmessages exchange systemKonrad Gromaszek
18:30The use of statistical characteristics of measured signals to increasing the reliability of the rhinomanometric diagnosisZbigniew Omiotek
18:30Polarimetric characterisation of histological section of skin with pathological changesRóża Dzierżak
18:30Improving the quality perception of digital images using modified method of the eye aberration correctionAndrzej Smolarz
18:30Evaluation of uncertainty of control by measurement with logical conditionsDaniel Sawicki
18:30Method of determining of keywords in english textsbased on the dkpro coreWaldemar Wójcik
18:30Quality improvement of diagnosis of the electromyography data based on statistical characteristics of the measured signalsPaweł Komada
18:30The method of parallel-hierarchical transformation for rapid recognition of dynamic images using GPGPU technologyPiotr Popiel
18:30Architecture of the parallel-hierarchical network for fast image recognitionAndrzej Kotyra
18:30Development of control system of metallic inclusions in granular materials based on the method of scanning signalKonrad Gromaszek
18:30Stereo matching using oriented spatial habor filtersTomasz Ławicki
18:30Development of dialog system powered by textual educational contentPaweł Pijarski
18:30Noncontact method of temperature measurement based on the phenomenon of the luminophor temperature decreasingPaweł Komada
18:30Deterministic chaos in RL-diode circuits high sinusoidal current and its application in metrologyTomasz Zyska
19:00Technical and medical diagnostics systems - prof. Andrzej Kotyra
19:00Improving the quality of the ECG signal by filtering in the wavelet transform domainRóża Dzierżak
19:15Temperature insensitive measurement of bending force with using TFBG sensorDamian Harasim
19:30Human ecg indicators for fast screening and evaluation.Marcin Maciejewski
19:45An application of Chan-Vese method used to determine the ROI area in CT lung screeningPaweł Prokop
20:00Determining of combustion process state based on flame images analysisDaniel Sawicki
20:15Application of optical flow algorithms and flame image sequences analysis in combustion process diagnostics.Jacek Tanaś
20:30On the thermometric diagnostics of underground heating pipelines Tomasz Zyska
20:45Summary of WILGA 2016 Ryszard Romaniuk
21:00Social events & grill
2016-06-07 Tuesday
09:00A DAY OFF