Multichannel camera with 10 GbE interface

The topic of my Master Thesis is to develop firmware for multichannel camera with 10 GbE interface. I am building this system using Zynq SoC which incorporates FPGA and 2 core Cortex A9 multi purpose processor. Used sensor is generating a lot of data and requires special handling like deserialisation, frame detection, LVDS link training. Another part of my thesis is to develop a 10 GbE UDP IP Core, which will enable to stream the data from the sensor through Ethernet network at full speed. Because the system will be multichannel there needs to be a real time operation capability which will be done using FreeRTOS running on one of Zynq's A9 cores. Due to the system's complexity and capabilities, it can be regarded as a state-of-the-art embedded system.

Author: Piotr Zdunek
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