Customizable Signal Analyzer with Wishbone Interface

The topic of presentation is CSA (Customizable Signal Analyzer with Wishbone Interface).
Congurable Signal Analyzer (CSA) inserts logic analyzer, which allowing to view any internal signals or node. The software is designed to present the value of registers, numbers and type of Wishbone main lines. Signals are captured in the system at the speed of operation and brought out through the programming interface. Captured signals will be displayed and analyzed. CSA requires only JTAG port access to your board, no extra pins needed for work. CSA is an IP Core connected to device using a WB Interface. The analyzer is a segment of nished device. The HDL code of analyzer could be added to any device with Wishbone interface. This allows to communicate with computer and analyze the state of registers and logic level of internal line, bus ect.
In the particular case analyzer could be loaded into device and fulll the function of external
analyzer. The main application is to upload CSA with production code of ready external device.

Author: Marcin Sosnowski
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