Technology and measurements of LPWG gradient structures based on Pyrex glass.

Based on the simulation of real processes as well as the knowledge of the actual material properties the possibility of creating the LPWG structures in the glasses with the gradient refractive index profiles was investigated. The results showed the potential manufacture possibility of such structures on the gradient glasses for use in the visible range of spectrum. As a base material the Pyrex glass was selected which has good optical performance and is well documented. Taking into account the measured dispersion curve of a glass and based on experimentally determined temperature coefficients, the simulations of diffusion and heating processes were carried out. The calculations were the basis for determining the process parameters during manufacture of concrete structure for the visible spectral range (400 - 700 nm). During the simulations the parameters of the grating such as depth and period were taken into account. The calculation results will be verified experimentally.

Author: Tomasz Kotyczka
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