Neuroengineering Control and Regulation of Bahavior

To monitor neuronal circuits involved in emotional modulation of sensory processing we plan to establish novel research techniques combining recent biological, technical and analytical discoveries. During the project we plan to build a new experimental model for studying the selected circuits of genetically marked and behaviorally activated neurons. To achieve this goal we will combine the pioneering, interdisciplinary expertise of four Polish institutions:
- the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology (Polish Academy of Sciences)will deliver the expertise on genetically modified mice and rats, mapping of the neuronal circuits activated by behavior, monitoring complex behaviors measured in the IntelliCage system, electrophysiological brain activity recordings by multielectrodes in behaving animals, analysis and modeling of behavioral and electrophysiological data;
- the AGH University of Science and Technology (Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Sciences)
will use its experience in high-throughput electronics to build multichannel systems for recording the brain activity of behaving animals;
- the University of Warsaw (Faculty of Physics) and
- the Center for Theoretical Physics (Polish Academy of Sciences)
will construct optoelectronic device for remote control of opto-animals produced in the Nencki Institute based on the unique experience in laser sources, studies of light propagation and its interaction with condensed media, wireless medical robotic systems, fast readout opto-electronics with control software and micromechanics.

Author: prof. Andrzej Wróbel
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