Example of Quality Assurance and Optimization System for Super Hard Material Turning

This paper introduces an example of automated intelligent system for super hard materials turning process that works according to a designed algorithm. Main task of the proposed system is to supervise the super hard materials turning process (acronym: ISSSHMT - Intelligent Supervision System of Super Hard Materials Turning) with the maximal metal removal rate Qvmax, amplitude of natural tool wear and the measurement of values that define the state of the turning process (e.g. magnitude of cutting force, surface quality, temperature in workspace). Based on the measured values it is possible to select the optimal machining parameters (vc - cutting speed, ap - depth of cut, f - feed), for which desired surface quality and dimensional precision can be achieved for the maximal metal removal rate Qvmax. Presented system (ISSSHMT) can be used for any CNC machine – accommodation for workspace and construction of the machine. An example of NC-code program that allows using the data acquired from the ISSSHMT system by a CNC machine control unit is presented. Optimization of the process and cost cutting can be achieved with the usage of proper target functions, for products machined with required precision class.

Author: Robert Kowalczyk
Conference: Title