Electron microscopy studies of CNT-Ni layers

Electron Microscopy Studies of CNT - Ni Layers

Mirosław Kozłowski1, Joanna Radomska1, Halina Wronka1, Elżbieta Czerwosz1, Kamil Sobczak2

1Tele & Radio Research Institute, Ratuszowa 11, 03-450 Warsaw
2Institute of Physics PAS, al. Lotników 32/45, 02-668 Warsaw

Corresponding author: miroslaw.kozlowski (at) itr.org.pl

SEM and TEM application for investigation of CNT-Ni layers different properties are shown.
We present the possibilities of using of SEM different modes for studies of C-Ni and CNT-Ni layers topography, morphology and cross-sectional investigations (adhesion, pores, uniformity). Correlation between concentration of Ni in studied layers and technological parameters as well as in a case of CNT-NI films correlations of Ni concentration and a diameter of carbon nanotubes are discussed.
TEM studies concentrate on structure of Ni nanograins in C-Ni layers and CNT-Ni layers, CNT structure and defects, nanoonion structure. We present many kinds (determination of graphite plane number in MWCNTs, distance between these planes, role of catalyst position in CNT growth and interaction between catalyst and substrate). EDS method for qualitative analysis of catalyst in a layer was also presented.


Author: dr M.Kozłowski
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