Research of C-Pd Nanostructure Layers with electron - microscopic methods

Research of C-Pd nanostructure layers with electron - microscopic methods

P. Dłużewski1, A. Szczepańska1, K. Sobczak1, J. Dąbrowski1, M. Kozłowski1,2, J. Rymarczyk, 2, E. Czerwosz2

1Institute of Physics PAS, al. Lotników 32/45, 02-668 Warsaw
2Tele & Radio Research Institute, Ratuszowa 11, 03-450 Warsaw

Corresponding author: dluzew (at)

Among others, Pd-carbon composite films are interesting due to its high sensitivity to hydrogen and hydrogen compounds. Structural parameters like crystal structure of carbon matrix, palladium grains size and distribution are crucial for the detecting purpose. Electron microscopy methods observation of the structure down to atomic scale, were applied for the characterization of the carbon-palladium layers. The investigations revealed a complex structure of the layers. The analysis of electron diffraction patterns indicated the presence of fullerite, amorphous and graphite forms of the carbon matrix as well as fcc structure of Pd nano-crystallites. Scanning transmission electron microscopic images were used for the determination of size distribution of the Pd particles. The application of focus ion beam technique for cross-sectional specimens allowed obtaining unique information about layered structure of the films.

This research was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013 No UDA-POIG. 01.03.01-14-071/08-10 and No POIG.02.01-00-14-032/08.

Author: prof. P.Dłużewski
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