Influence of radiation on metastability-based TRNG

This paper presents a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) based on Flip-Flops with violated timing constraints. The proposed circuit has been implemented in a Xilinx Spartan 6 device. The TRNG circuit utilizes the metastability phenomenon as a source of randomness. Therefore, in the paper the influence of timing constraints on the flip-flop metastability proximity is discussed. The metastable range of operation enhances the noise influence on a Flip-Flop behavior. Therefore, the influence of an external stochastic source on the flip-flop operation is also investigated. For this purpose a radioactive source of radiation was used. According to the results shown in the paper the radiation increases the unpredictability of the metastable process of flip-flops operating as the randomness source in the TRNG. The statistical properties of TRNG operating in an increased radiation conditions were verified with the NIST battery of statistical tests.

Author: Piotr Wieczorek
Conference: Title