Development and verification of a measuring stand for recording the physical phenomena during turning

The paper describes a measuring stand which allows recording physical phenomena during the turning. The stand features measuring paths to record the temperature in the machining zone, cutting forces and fast-changing images. The temperature in the machining zone was recorded using a FLIR SC620 thermographic camera, and the obtained thermograms were analysed using the ThermaCAM Researcher 2.9 application. A PHANTOM v 5.2 camera with a NIKKOR 200 mm prime lens and CineViewer software was used to record and analyse the fast-changing images. The cutting forces were recorded in a measuring path which comprised a KISTLER 9257B dynamometer, KISTLER 5070A charge amplifier, and DynoWare software. The laboratory tests involved verification of correct operation of this stand. The turning trials were performed on an elongated workpiece made of hard-machinable steel. The analysis of results allows a verification of correct operation of the stand.

Author: Łukasz Ślusarczyk
Conference: Title