Fiber optic interferometric force sensor with reduced temperature sensitivity

The paper presents a fiber optic force sensor with reduced temperature sensitivity. The sensor operates in the configuration of a birefringent fiber based Sagnac interferometer, where the measured quantity induces a change of the birefringence and in consequence a shift of the interferometer spectrum. In order to reduce the temperature sensitivity of the sensor, the fiber was attached to the cantilever beam acting as the force transducer only in two points (or in one point) and not along the whole length of the sensing segment of the fiber as in the previous design. Several versions of attaching the fiber to the beam were investigated, which make it possible to change the sensitivity of the sensor in a wide range. The transfer curve of the sensor was calculated analytically and then measured for the different versions of the sensor. The temperature sensitivity of the sensor was also measured and compared to the temperature sensitivity of the original design.

Author: Ɓukasz Zychowicz
Conference: Title