The influence of CTFBGs physical parameters on their spectral properties

Lublin University of Technology poster session

This paper presents the spectral properties of chirped tilted Bragg
gratings (CTFBG) written on photosensitive optical fiber by using phase
mask technique and excimer laser. The dependencies of manufactured
structures spectra on three various values of chirp: 0,1 nm/cm, 1 nm/cm,
10nm/cm and gratings tilt angle in 0° to 2,5° range with 0,5° change have
been shown in all combinations. Influence of temperature changes in -40°C
to 180°C range on measured spectra have been investigated. We showed the
dependencies of CTFBG spectral parameters in various cases of periodic
refractive index variations angle and different chirp values given in
manufacturing process.

Author: Jacek Klimek
Conference: Title