Reversible Synthesis of Incompletely Specified Boolean Functions Using Functional Decomposition

Conventional microelectronic technology reaches its limits, and reversible logic circuits might address at least one of the problems: unwanted energy dissipation. Unfortunately, current methods of reversible function synthesis have certain limitations, including suboptimal handling of incompletely specified Boolean functions and yielding circuit sizes (and costs) that can be vastly improved upon. This paper presents the application of functional decomposition as a crucial step in synthesis of reversible logic that cost-efficiently implements incompletely specified Boolean functions. A~decomposition of an incompletely specified Boolean function into a~network of smaller sub-functions, subsequently synthesized into reversible blocks and composed into a~reversible system, yields significantly better results than direct reversible synthesis of the original, incompletely specified Boolean function. The experimental results presented in this paper demonstrate the potential of the proposed approach.

Author: Piotr Szotkowski
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