Reference LED Source of Subnanosecond Pulses of Broadband Optical Radiation

Lublin University of Technology poster session

The aim of this work is the development of a reference source of subnanosecond pulses based on SiC breakdown LEDs. The micro-alloy technology of p-n junctions based on SiC-6H with a diameter of about 50 microns has been developed. The capacity of such structures does not exceed 10-20 pF. The high stability and current overload resistance of the samples were provided by the uniform microplasma breakdown structure. The breakdown electroluminescence spectrum of the investigated samples was flat and covered the range of 400-800 nm and the relaxation time did not exceed 0,25 ns (a time resolution of measuring system). The radiation power was about 10-6 W/A.

Author: Jacek Klimek
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