Multi-SLM holographic 3D display of digital holographic content

We present an approach for color holographic 3D displays employing several spatial light modulators (SLM) in circular architecture with horizontal-only-parallax. A multi color reconstruction is implemented through the use of space-division method (SDM). In the SDM active area of an SLM is divided into three regions corresponding to RGB component images by the use of color spatial filter composed of a three glass stripes that are attached to the front of each SLM. Relatively low complexity level of applied SDM enables to upgrade almost every horizontal-only-parallax monochrome display to a color one at the expense of image resolution. Important property of this solutions is no reduction of remaining key performance parameters, i.e., image dimensions, refresh frame rate, and viewing angle are preserved with no increase of SLM number. In this paper, practical aspects of color imaging implementation of digital holographic content are considered. Developed procedures are focused on image quality improvement and geometrical real-world holographic data coupling with holographic display system. The presented experimental results of 3D reconstructions of digital holographic content validate the performance of the presented procedures and high color imaging quality of the display.

Author: Weronika Zaperty
Conference: Title