Optical transducers with frequency output


In this work the characteristics research of microelectronic transducers of optical radiation with a frequency output signal on the basis of a hybrid integrated circuit consisting of a bipolar and a field-effect transistor with a Schottky barrier is presented. The connection of an external inductance to electrodes a collector - drain allows to implement the auto generating device. The frequency of the device generation depends on power of optical radiation falling on photosensing elements as a photoresistor, photodiode and photosensing transistors switched on in a circuit of the self-excited oscillator. The impedance on electrodes the collector - drain of bipolar and field transistors has capacitive reactive part and negative active resistance, which compensates power losses in a tuning circuit of the device. On the base of a nonlinear equivalent circuit of the transducer on an alternating current the analytical expressions of function of transformation and equation of sensitivity are obtained. The sensitivity of optical transducers lays in a range from 25 kHz/uWt/cm^2 up to 150 kHz/uWt/cm^2.

Author: PaweĊ‚ Komada
Conference: Title