The research of the availability at cloud service systems

This paper is devoted to the numerical investigation of the availability at cloud service systems. In this paper criteria and constraints calculations were performed and obtained results were analyzed for synthesis purposes of distributed service platforms based on the cloud service-oriented architecture such as availability and system performance index variations by defined set of the main parameters. The method of synthesis has been numerically generalized considering the type of service workload in statistical form by Hurst parameter application for each integrated service that requires implementation within the service delivery platform, which is synthesized by structural matching of virtual machines using combination of elementary servicing components up to functionality into a best-of-breed solution.
As a result of restrictions from Amdahl's Law the necessity of cloud-networks clustering was shown, which makes it possible to break the complex dynamic network into separate segments that simplifies access to the resources of virtual machines and, in general, to the "clouds" and respectively simplifies complex topological structure, enhancing the overall system performance.
In overall, proposed approaches and obtained results numerically justifying and algorithmically describing the process of structural and functional synthesis of efficient distributed service platforms, which under process of their configuring and exploitation provides an opportunity to act on the dynamic environment in terms of comprehensive services range and nomadic users’ workload pulsing.

Author: Paweł Komada
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