Numerical studies on large mode area single-mode fiber with nanostructured core for laser application

Abstract: High optical power delivery is limited by material damage threshold. For laser applications it
is also desirable to achieve single mode operation due to high beam quality. Likelihood of damage
during propagation high power intensity can be overcome by large mode area fibers.
However, increasing core size requires lowering of refractive index difference between core and clad,
what may lead to technological limits. In this poster there are presented numerical studies on large
mode area single mode fiber with nanostructure core, what brings opportunity of precise controlling of
refractive index value. Nanostructured core consists of thousands of 200nm in diameter single
elements made of two kinds of glass doped and undoped with active ions with different refractive index
value. In poster it is considered the core with up to 50 microns in diameter what could be highly
demanding for high power lasers. Well-known and versatile stack-and-draw method can be applied for
such a complex structures.

Author: Kamil Stawicki
Conference: Title