Noise Evaluation of the Silicon Tracking System and Muon Chamber Front-End Electronics

W. Zubrzycka, K. KasiƄski

The STS/MUCH-XYTER2 ASIC is a full-size prototype chip for the Silicon Tracking System (STS) and Muon Chamber (MUCH) detectors in the new fixed-target experiment Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) at FAIR-center, Darmstadt, Germany. The noise performance is tightly related both to the analog front-end architecture and structure of the detector. In the STS case, the stereo-angle, double-sided microstrip sensors are biased and connected with the front-end chips by dedicated assembly of ultra-thin micro-cables. The structure of this system contributes to the overall performance of the modules being fabricated. Moreover, the system will contain multiple modules with different sensor and cable lengths. This paper shows the simulated expected noise results based on the latest measurements of the system components including: specific architecture and measured parasitics of the fabricated micro-cables, measured parameters of the silicon microstrip sensors and estimated capacitances of the gas detectors used in Muon Chamber. Presented studies show also impact of the protection diodes and power supply.

Keywords: front-end electronics, semiconductor detectors, gas detectors

Author: Weronika Zubrzycka
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