Thermoelectric properties of Sige whiskers with Various Morphology

Thermoelectric properties of Si1-xGex (x = 0,03) solid solution whiskers doped with B impurities to the concentrations 10^17 – 10^19cm-3 were studied in temperature range 300 - 420K. An influence of the whisker morphology, in particular their diameters and obliquity, on Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity and resistance was investigated. Seebeck coefficient and resistance was shown to increase, while thermal conductivity to decrease when the whisker diameter drops from 100 to 10um, that is accompanied by a rise of figure of merit (up to 0,12 at 300K). Use of the whiskers with large obliquity leads to a small rise (of about 10 - 15%) increase of their Seebeck coefficient.

Author: Tomasz Zyska
Conference: Title