Influence Of Structural Disorder On The Optical Properties Of Non-Stoichiometric Cu6ps5i-Based Thin Films

Cu6PS5I-based thin films were deposited onto silicate glass substrates by magnetron sputtering. Chemical composition of the thin films was determined by energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. With increasing Cu content, a red shift of the exponential absorption edge energy position as well as a decrease of the Urbach energy are observed. Optical transmission spectra of Cu8.05P0.68S3.54I0.73 thin film were investigated in the temperature interval 77–300 K; the temperature behaviour of the optical absorption spectra and the refractive index dispersion was studied. Temperature dependences of the energy position of the absorption edge, the Urbach energy, and the refractive index of the Cu8.05P0.68S3.54I0.73 thin film were analysed. The influence of structural disorder on the optical properties of the Cu6PS5I-based thin films is discussed.

Author: Tomasz Ławicki
Conference: Title