Determination of the chemical composition and basic AC properties of nanocomposites (CoFeZr)x(SiOy)(100-x)

In this paper results of measurements of phase angle θ and capacity Cp dependences on frequency and temperature for (CoFeZr)x(SiOy)(100-x) nanocomposite, immediately after preparation with metallic phase content x=48.36 at.%, are presented. Based on mathematical and physical calculations, frequency dependence of conductivity was determined.
The material was obtained by ion-beam sputtering using argon ions. The impact of the sputtering process on the chemical composition of this type of structure was determined. It was observed that material properties change with frequency increasing from capacitive to inductive type. This is analogous to the voltage resonance in the serial RLC circuits.

Author: Karolina Czarnacka
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