Improvement of carbon nanotubes films conductivity for use in biomedical application

Carbon nanotube yearns and sheets due to their biocompatibility, very good mechanical strength and flexibility can find wide range of applications in nanomedicine, inter alia as mechanical actuators for artificial muscles or electrodes used for deep brain stimulation. However, because of CNT film behavior in liquid environment, before their using in biological applications, they should be coated with a protective layer. The purpose of created coatings is not only to protect the films, but also to increase their conductivity. The aim of the research was to test various methods of achieving such coatings on CNT films and to evaluate their quality and flexibility of coated CNT films. The coatings were made by dipping, painting or pouring of CNT yards and films, using various suspensions containing polymer materials such methyl polymethacrylate and conductive silver flakes. The methods tested in this study were: dipping, painting, flooding of the CNT yards.

Author: Łucja Dybowska-Sarapuk
Conference: Title