Sensor set-up for wireless parameters measurement of rim and wheel in the laboratory conditions

Modern rim and wheel are tested in design and production. The two types of tests are performed: in laboratory equipment and on the ride. In the laboratory, the complex and costly equipment is used as for example wheel balancers and impact testers. Modern wheel balancers are equipped with electronic and elector-mechanical units that enable: touch-less measurement of dimensions including precision measurement of radial and lateral wheel run-out, automatic positioning and application of the counterweights, and vehicle wheel set monitoring as - tread wear – drift angles and run-out unbalance. These measurements are performed by on wheel axis measurements as well as laser distance meters. The impact tester enables weights dropping from a defined height onto a wheel. Test criteria are the loss of pressure of the tire and cracks on the wheel in are which have no direct contact to the falling weights.
In proposed paper, the set up of three accelerometers, a temperature, and a pressure sensor are examined as a possible part of wheel testers. The sensor set-up configuration and on-line diagnostic signal transmission are discussed.
Authors Contribution:
Michal Borecki – development of sensor set-up idea including construction
and the set of measured parameter and data analysis, supervision of sensor
set-up tests and development.
Przemyslaw Prus – development of sensors software, including data
transmission, performing the examination of the sensor.
Arkadisz Rychlik – discussion of system performance
Michael L. Korwin Pawlowski – analysis of the sensor idea, experiment
assumptions and results.

Author: Michal Borecki
Conference: Title