Monitoring of vertical displacements of buildings, structures based on the technology of radar interferometry

In recent years, the most effective and relevant techniques of remote sensing are techniques using satellite radar interferometry (interferometry method using the synthetic aperture radar (SAR)). As it's known, according to the results of multipass space radar surveys of the same area taken with the same settings and shooting geometry, it's possible to estimate the earth's surface displacement, including various buildings and structures. Using the SAR interferometry method, it is possible to register any displacement of natural and man-made objects on any selected area with resolution up to millimeter. In this paper, for remote sensing with subsequent interferometric processing of radar images used orbital radar images of sity of Astana and the surrounding area made by satellite COSMO-SkyMed-1-4 in the period from 18.06.2011 to 23.04.2014. To detect displacements and deformations of constructions the interferometric processing of satellite images was carried out in the PSP-IfSAR software systems. Identified 647,702 dots per square 10x10 square kilometers - in the center of Astana, are permanent (stable) reflectors radar signal, defined by the terrain in the course of a series of interferometric processing of radar images.

Author: Sharipova Gulnar
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