Influence of the UV radiation on the screen-printed pH-sensitive layers based on graphene and ruthenium dioxide

Electrodes for measuring pH of the solution were fabricated by the means of screen-printing technology. Potentiometric sensors’ layers comprised of composite with polymer matrix and graphene nanoplatelets/ruthenium (IV) oxide nanopowder as functional phase. Transceivers were printed on the elastic PMMA foil. Regarding potential application of the sensors in the wearable devices, dynamic response of the electrodes to changing ultraviolet radiation levels was assessed, since RuO2 is reported to be UV-sensitive. Observed changes of the electrodes’ potential were of sub-millivolt magnitude, being comparable to simultaneously observed signal drift. Given this stability under varying UV conditions and previously verified good flexibility, fabricated sensors meet the requirements for wearable applications.

Author: Andrzej Pepłowski
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